Tuesday, January 6, 2009

What Israel Thinks of Catholics and Christians

It ain't just Muslims they are slaughtering!

"What Israel thinks of Catholics and Christians

Bible Belters, take note. Post Vatican II Catholics, take note. This is what Israel thinks of, and does to, your co-religionists in Palestine.

Pull away the veil from over your eyes. We've heard umpteen stories about the persecution of Jews over the past two thousand years. But we hear little, if anything, about the vile, racist and fundamentally pagan ideology and belief system at work behind various Jewish enterprises throughout history - from the Crucifixion, the activities of the Sanhedrin, to Communism, to the state of "Israel".

Above is a picture of a Catholic child from Gaza, 14 year old Christine Turok, lying in a coffin after being killed in Israel's latest fit of Talmudic hatred - one of many innocent children, women and men, Christian and Muslim, slaughtered by the drive to consolidate
Eretz Yisrael

I know that in the United States, from where we attract many readers, there are white, European Christians and Catholics who wholly support Israel in the belief that they are God's "Chosen People" - a theological fallacy which has crept even into the Catholic Church after the Second Vatican Council.

Theology and the Crucifixion aside, let's reason for one second: would "God's Chosen People" perpetrate, or collectively support the perpetration of, such an orgy of genocide and destruction as we are witnessing in Gaza? Would "God's Chosen People" hinder a Catholic Archbishop from celebrating pre-Christmas Masses in Gaza, before murdering members of his congregation from the air with impunity?

Christians across the world need to take a serious look at the history of their faith and realise who exactly has been out to undermine and exploit them for 2,000 years. Not Hamas, not the Al Aqsa Martyrs, and most certainly, not this beautiful young child who lost her life. Do Hamas have the ear (or some might say, the neck) of the world's strongest [sic] superpower? Are Hamas sitting on several hundred nuclear weapons? Do the co-religionists of Hamas and Hezbollah have access to the vast chasms of money which make up the international banking system?

They most certainly don't. When you understand this fact, badly aiming homemade rockets don't seem much of a problem at all. In fact, it dwarfs the Biblical David in his battle against Goliath.

I do not care for the paid-up "Zionist" Christians, who are for the most part "conservative" capitalists who want their share of the filthy lucre, and need a scapegoat - the Arab, usually - from which to generate an atmosphere of eternal threat, under which their profits will be secured. These people are lost, and among them rank idiots like George W. Bush, Tony Blair and, to a certain extent (wait and see), Barack Obama.

Who I do care for is well-meaning Catholics and Christians who have been misled by their peers and even the clergy. Quit your sycophantic ass-kissing to the Zionists. They care about your money, and your mouth, but nothing else. You are to them, as the Zionist Jew Henry Kissinger once described American soldiers, "dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns for foreign policy".

Instead, channel your energy towards helping your co-religionists in Gaza, and their neighbours and friends, be they Christian or Muslim. I call on Catholics everywhere to recite a decade of the Rosary for the repose of the soul of the child pictured above, and to pray another earnestly for the victory of the Palestinian people over these demonic Christ-killers masquerading as the Chosen People of God.