Thursday, January 8, 2009

Video of a Bombed School in Gaza

(Blog author's note: Video is graphic and disturbing)

"Video of a Bombed School in Gaza

by Kawther Salam

Below is a copy of a Reuters Video which was posted by ALQUDS.COM TV at the Palestinian Al-Quds daily Newspaper. The video shows the horrible moments after the Israeli War criminals bombed the Al-Fakhora UN school in Jabalia.

The Israeli criminal forces fired deliberately at three UNRWA schools in Gaza after the faculty administration of the UN schools informed the Israeli Authorities about the presence of hundreds of Palestinian civilians in these schools, who had fled from their homes and were using these UN schools as a shelter from Israeli strikes and the freezing winter weather. The Israeli criminals had also ordered the Palestinian civilians to leave their homes, and they were aware of where these civilian stayed when they bombed the places. It is a clear event of Genocide and ethnic cleansing according to the Palestinians testimonies.

The UNRWA representative strongly denied that there were militants at any of the schools.

Video taken from here:

A strongly censured version of this video was shown on Euronews, what confirms that the western media can be understood to be part and parcel of the Israeli propaganda offensive, covering up and even justifying these bestial war crimes.