Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Useless War On Gaza

"The Useless War On Gaza

I find it difficult to write about the slaughter in Gaza. I am full of rage, disgusted and at the same time feel unable to do something about it.

The killing we witness has no purpose at all but to prop up a bunch of failed politicians:

It may be harsh to say that hundreds of civilians have died and several hundred wounded purely in the interest of a bunch of politicians too keen on their own political ambitions to consider the consequences. But that is the brutal truth of this conflict.

Either Israel stops its inhumane blockade of Gaza or people there will continue to launch rockets against the towns and cities their parents and grandparents had to flee from. Short of killing all Gazans, there is no other solution and there will be no other outcome.

With its reporters denied access to Gaza, the 'western' media simply repeats Israeli propaganda justifying the unjustifiable. Alan Hart and John Pilger explain (video: part 2, part 3) how this manipulation is done. Also recommended, Mustafa Barghouthi on the Myths of Israeli Victimhood.

The Israeli politicians who started this can not agree on a strategy on how to stop it. That guarantees the failure of what they attempted with their campaign. The longer the conflict goes on, the less effective the propaganda will be. The truth will slip into the media coverage and in the end the international pressure will be for a ceasefire that may well open Gaza's borders.

At least that is what I hope for.

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