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This is True

(Blog author's note: I alter this fabulous and perceptive author's titles not out of disrespect, but respect at the unexpected and prescient phrases, themes, and ideas that catch my eye in his brilliant essays)

"When the Truth is Anti-Semitic

Thinking about what to say and not having much success is where I am today. Most of the time, I am preaching to the converted here as the commentary shows. Seldom do I ever get any negative responses and we are starting to average over a hundred comments per entry. That’s a mystery to me. Out of old habit, I often will post these essays at this site where I seldom get any positive comments. The people there are mostly professionals. There are doctors and lawyers and business owners. They are all Americans except for a scattering of Canadians.

Here I am considered an anti-Semitic. This is because the truth is anti-Semitic and if you are going to tell the truth that is what you are labeled as. Criticism of Israelis and Zionist Jews is not welcome. It wouldn’t matter what evil they may do. It is okay. Many of the people at this site are as murderous as the Israelis. They joke about the murders or they talk in convoluted circles about how complex it all is. In any case… none of it is Israel’s fault. This item in the MSM today says it all. What can anyone say to justify such evil? Nothing… there is nothing you can say.

The people at this forum believe that Bin Laden is still alive. They believe that a handful of Stone Age Arabs attacked The World Trade Center. They believe six million Jews were executed in Germany while the death count at Auschwitz was lowered from over four million to one million. They deny the testimony of the men who were hired to build gas chambers at death camps after the war. This is truth and the truth is anti-Semitic.

I don’t know how many died in camps or how they died. What I do know is that someone is lying and the lies that are being told are for the justification of terrible behavior in the aftermath by the survivors. I also know that Jewish lives are no more important than gentile lives. I also know that Zionist Jewish interests were responsible for more deaths in Russia and The Ukraine than ever died in Germany and Poland. I know this. This is true and it is anti-Semitic.

At this forum I mentioned, no one has been able to refute me. They can insult me and slander me but they can’t alter the truth of what I say. I have no need to post my work there. I receive more traffic at this blog than that entire forum. People from all over the world come to this blog and they know that the things I am saying here in this essay and the things I have said in the past are true. These are informed people. I have one of the most intelligent audiences on the internet. Some portion of them could do what I do equally as well. I post at that forum because they need to hear what I say. They may seethe. Their heads may catch fire as the hot coals of denial burn their minds but… they can’t argue with what I say.

Recently I mentioned that Jews were involved in the slave trade. There was a hue and a cry because I referenced a book from The Nation of Islam. The question is, is it true? Is it true? Yes it is true but they don’t want to hear it. Anyone who has watched the movies of the last century can see how Jewish interests in Hollywood portrayed black people. They made them as google-eyed step’n fetchits. Intelligent black academics know this. They know who the slumlords are and were and they know about many of the business industries that have profited from the black economy in their neighborhoods. I don’t want to know these things but… is it true?

I am a novelist and a singer songwriter. I’m not much of a musician but I can write and sing… yes, I can dance too. I have committed career suicide by telling the truth and asking uncomfortable questions. No doubt as my star continues to rise… as I have been told it is going to… I will be the object of focused opprobrium and find my words manipulated into something other than what they said and intend. There is nothing I can do about this.

I’ve lived around Jews for much of my life. I have lived in the highest concentration of Jews in America for much of my life. I have decades old friendships with Jews and I am a supporter of the True Torah Jews and Neutera Karta. At no time will I ever say that all Jews are evil as I know that it is not true. What it is is that some very evil people happen to be Jews. Some of them happen to be Christians too. I’m going to tell the truth and ask the difficult questions and I don’t care what you think about me.

When I think of the Jews I think of that nursery rhyme; “There was a little girl who had a little curl, right in the middle of her forehead and when she was good she was very, very good and when she was bad she was horrid.” That says it all.

If I had one major criticism to make about Jews today I would say that I am very disappointed that they are not speaking out against the murders… the lies… the revisionism of history… the prosecution of people who question what ‘appears’ to be untrue. Sooner or later you are going to pay for having allowed some bad apples to poison the barrel. It is your duty as a human being to speak out against injustice and if you can’t clean your own house you shouldn’t be cleaning anyone else’s house.

Jews make up 2% of the American public and .0025 of the world’s population yet… they control major industries that affect the entire world. They didn’t do this by being smarter than the average goy. They did this by having access to the money supply and by using it to advance their interests and to suppress the interests of others. It is a very simple thing to follow the money and to see who is printing it. We are all being victimized by counterfeiters and it’s got to stop before the world’s outrage begins to focus on those who are committing the offense and which will certainly include all Jews which it should not. Unless Jews speak up and call these psychopaths on their activities they are digging their own grave with their silence.

Personally, I don’t think in terms of color… creed… sex or national origin. I take people as I find them. When I hear that Palestinians are launching rockets into the lands that once belonged to them from land that is presently disappearing under their feet, I say to myself that they have every right to do this. Israel has no rights. They stole these lands in the first place and are stealing more with each passing day. My heart is one hundred percent with the Palestinians and not at all with Israel.

Israelis watch the carnage through binoculars and toast one another and cheer. A very large majority of Israel supports this vicious murder of children. They have the most sophisticated weapons on Earth and they prey upon their neighbors relentlessly. They caused the Afghanistan and Iraq wars which they performed with American gentile lives while wiping out over a million people. This is true and I suspect it is also anti-Semitic.

I am determined to tell the truth. If you can show me that I am not telling the truth then I will discover this new truth and begin to speak that instead. I have been imprisoned before for telling the truth and I have no fear of it. This life of mine is a temporary thing and I would prefer to spend it on what I consider useful to others whatever the personal cost may be. I know that I am eternal so all anyone can possibly succeed at in silencing me will only involve a change of clothes and furthermore, free me to a more rarified plane.

Those good Jews who are on this planet had better wake up to the evil being done in their name and cry out against it. When the backlash comes they may not be distinguishable from their vicious kindred in the darkness. To be called anti-Semitic in these times amounts to a badge of honor for so few of us dare to speak the truth and question the lies. We are all one body. We should act accordingly.

When Darkness Falls



"The comment below is by Dr. F from Les Visible's latest essay at Smoking Mirrors entitled "When the Truth is Anti-Semetic." Be sure to read it if you haven't already.


I think what we need is a different catagorisation than "Jew", because too many are blinded by the political glare of the term and then revert to knee jerk reflex calls of "racist" and "anti-semite" etc and avoid investigating the growingly obvious problems at hand. And "Tony" makes a good point that the longer the "higher" education, the more the "institutionalisation" of the individual. I should know as I spent 9 additional years becoming a doctor, and the degree of brainwashing is astounding. And when one has so much invested in the illusion, one usually becomes not only party to it, but developer and refiner of it.

Thus, what other term should we use? I use "criminal elite" for good affect, even though I know that the vast majority do have Jewish heritage in some capacity, and almost all show allegiance to Israel and zionist ideology either by choice or extreme coercion (which is related to the "tech" that I often discuss). I know this, but it doesn't seem very constructive to point the finger and yell, "Jew!", at this time in history. I also know of the vast Satanic connections, but people also blanch at that one. Pedophilia, human sacrifice, occult practice, vast esoteric understanding and continual warfare has also been apart of this groups modus operandi. Murder, blackmail, usury / indebtedness, lying, stealing and general treachery are their methods to be sure. The Protocols of Zion, the Talmud, the Old Testament and others all point to the Jews, but those who I refer to existed long before. Even before the conversion of the Khazar tribes to Judaism / Talmudism. Long before Egypt also. As historians have shown, the terms Judaism and Jews never existed historically the way we have been taught. So, who are these people really and what should we call them?

"Illuminati" by definition is good, but by recent connotations and reputation is bad. "Babylonians" or "Decendants of Baal" are too conservative. Evil "Atlanteans" might be accurate, but too much of a myth / fable in too many minds to be useful. Is it a people we are trying to identify, or some dark "force"? Is it a "possession" type of situation, or actual physical people with an established history on this planet? In this sense, the term "Watchers" might be better. Are they a type of energy / blood parasite and thus warranting the term, "Vampires" (note that the pictures of Bela Legosi as the original Dracula show him wearing a Star of David pendant around his neck...)? Are they from off planet (Mars)? Are they "aliens" in some sense of the word? Decendants of literal "Blue Bloods"? Is the term "Nefilim" best? "Annunaki"?

Regardless, something has really gone to extraordinary efforts to control the entire planet, rape it of its resources (including human), and create as much misery and chaos as possible while doing so. In our times, it has been surely under the umbrella of Judaism / Israel / Zionism, but the evil force of which I speak has existed long before those words or even concepts existed. What are we left with, and how should we refer to this force such that more people will understand it and discuss it and eventually deal with it? David Icke has used "Reptilians" either literally or metaphorically, and as much as I think Icke explains the overall picture / problem brilliantly, he has taken massive abuse for such a term and turned people away from the topic. What is left?

May I suggest "The Dark Ones"?


Source: Smoking Mirrors