Thursday, January 15, 2009

So Israel Doesn't Kill Civilians??

"So Israel doesn't kill civilians??

230 Palestinian children have been killed in 10 days and it is not even an item of news on mainstream media. Imagine if one Israeli child had been killed by a Palestinian, we wouldn't have heard the end of it. It would have been headlines all over. But 230 Palestinian children die and its somehow ok by the West. Just remember them... They are not terrorists. They are the victims of the terrorist state of Israel. We in the Middle East will never forget them and we will always remember that all Israeli wars against innocent civilians are financed by the US. American individuals need to help us stop Israeli massacres against the innocent. As I write this note, I am watching live the Israeli bombing of Gaza. It has been so for the last 2 weeks. There is no electricity or even water in many areas of Gaza. Families are nearly dying of hunger and thirst because the Israelis won't allow the Red Cross to get near them. The injured remain laying in their blood for hours and sometimes days... that is if Israelis allow the ambulances to pick them up. A huge massacre is happening live on TV infront of us... but it is not being broadcast to the West. The Arab and Muslim world is boiling.

No civilian victims in Gaza?!

Fathers carrying their babies to their tombs

Palestinian child found in the rubble

Palestinian children dealing with injuries

Injured Palestinian teenager

Israeli massacres of Palestinian children

civilian victims of the Israeli attack on Gaza

Palestinian victim of the IDF

Palestinian child victim of Israeli onslaught on Gaza

Dead Hamas "terrorist"

Palestinian child victim of Israeli air raids

Gazan boy conducting surgery without anesthesia

Gazan victim of illegal Israeli weapons

Palestinian baby victim of Israeli raids on Gaza

Palestinian children surviving Israeli air raids

Yound Palestinian victim of Gaza war

2 wounded babies in Gaza

Children mourning in Gaza

Palestinian child's hand out of rubble

Young Palestinian kisses brother farewell

The children of Gaza live in constant fear of Israeli attacks

Torn to pieces by Israeli weapons

Yound injured Palestinian

Samera Baalusha carries her surviving child Mohamed

Civilians are the target of the Israeli army

Bodies of Palestinian children coming out of the rubble of Israeli air raids in civilian areas

Palestinian children mourning Palestinian babies

Palestinian mother mourning her child

Even animals don't escape Israeli attacks

The Israeli massacre of Palestinian children

A Palestinian father

Illegal Israeli weapons tested and used against Palestinians

Another young victim of Israeli massacres

The Palestinian father lost 4 children in one day

  shooting bullets at civilians

Israel has killed so many children... and the US pays for it.

Are those the "terrorists" Israel is attacking in "self defense"???

Victim of Israeli aggression against Gaza

These are Israel's enemies

Another little victim of Israeli air strikes on Gaza

Palestinian burnt by illegal Israeli weapons

Palestinian teenagers sent to the morgue by Israel

3 more Gazan children killed by the Israeli air force

child victim of Israeli air raid on Gaza

Injured Palestinian civilian

Child victims of Israeli bombing of Gaza

Is this baby also another Palestinian "terrorist"

Too young to die in this manner

Burried in the rubble of an Israeli air strike

Injured in Israeli air strike

Israeli crimes against humanity

Palestinian child and victim of Israeli air raids on Gaza

Palestinian boy's last farewell