Saturday, January 3, 2009

Seventh Day Avengists



On the seventh day God rested….. but Israel did not. It continued its blitzkrieg on the people in Gaza. One and a half million of them to be exact.

The world, for the most part continues its silence….. is there a reason for this? They cannot say they didn’t know what was going on. Even unreliable sources such as CNN have been giving coverage to the genocide taking place. So why the silence? Why the apathy?? Has Israel succeeded in convincing the world that Palestinians are subhuman, ‘children of a lesser God’?

A handful of extremists continue to send rockets over to the Israeli side. Israel has made sure that the ruling government set up by Hamas cannot control those responsible. Supposedly, they are doing this in the name of Hamas itself…. according to Israel itself. This, to the Israelis justifies the collective punishment inflicted on the entire Palestinian population.

The Israeli representative in Ramallah, Mahmoud Abbas has joined with Israel in vowing to destroy Hamas….. BUT how many innocent civilians, including women and children have to be destroyed in the process. Does Abbas not have a conscience? Does he not have a soul?? Now is the time for ALL of the Palestinian leadership to join forces to defeat the occupier.
We are coming now to 61 years of the most brutal occupation in modern history. 61 years of collective punishment. 61 years of genocide. And for what…. so the ‘chosen people’ of the region could have their way? Don’t they realise that with every passing day, with every bomb that is dropped, with every bullet that is fired hatred towards the Israelis grows. Is this the so-called security they are after?

All the damage being done is in the name of Israeli security…. the exact opposite is taking place. An entire new generation of Palestinians now realise that Israel is their enemy…. is this how Israel expects to establish a just and secure peace?

Can’t the leadership of the world try to convince the leadership of Israel that what they are doing will only lead to continued strife between the two peoples…. AT THE EXPENSE OF THE WORLD ITSELF….

Is it not time to put an end to this madness? Every minute is costing lives…. every minute is costing money….. every minute makes the possibility of peace nothing but a distant dream.