Friday, January 2, 2009

Mooning Over 2009

"Have A Good 2009

Sorry for the light posting, I'll try to make up for some of it next year.

I am not optimistic about 2009. Only then will the economic downturn really unfold. The worldwide social-political consequences of the crisis will be huge and in some cases violent. It will take more time and social unrest for the people in charge to understand what this is about. Only after that happens the system will start to change.

But that is the sad big picture world. The small picture can be much prettier. My little niece laughing and giggling is giving me a lot of fun and hope for the future. I plan to plant lots of flowers in 2009 and give them away for smiles.

To all of you I simply wish the very best: peace and love.


Same from rocker and Rock the Truth, readers....