Friday, January 2, 2009

A Letter to the US Media

"A Letter to the US Media

Dear Editor

Imagine if more than 63 thousand Americans were massacred in a couple of hour’s campaign of F-16 bombing. This number represents (the percentage) the number of Palestinians killed by Israel when it launched its massive air strikes in Gaza on Saturday. A friend of mine in Gaza tells me that hundreds are still buried under the rubble and the toll of deaths could easily reach thousands .Already there’s more than 1700 injured with many in serious conditions.
Imagine if all this carnage is being paid for by your tax money.

Israel is carrying out an all out massacre in the Gaza Strip and the Arab American Community is outraged because neither the US Media is covering and reporting the facts nor the Bush Administration and Congress have the back bone to order Israel ,which gets almost 11 Billion Dollars a year from the US, to stop carrying these war crimes.

The US Administration and the US media keep repeating the Israeli lies that it is doing this mass killing, in retaliation to Hamas breaking the cease fire and launching rockets on settlers just outside of the Gaza Strip. Neither have the decency to think for a minute and investigate these lies.

Israel says that it left the Gaza Strip almost 2 years ago and that a cease fire agreement between it and Hamas took place and that Hamas violated it. What it does not say that since then it has been enforcing a very tight siege, were medicine, gas, food, electricity or even clean air is not allowed in .It does not tell you that since then it killed more than 67 people in Gaza and that more than 385 sick people died for the lack of medication and electricity that is needed to power life saving equipment, a very clear violation of the cease fire agreement it had with Hamas.

For almost 2 years Hamas did not retaliate. It actually put in jail members of resistance groups that could not take all these violations laying down.

All of this is well documented and easy to get information, but obviously not to the US Media and the US administration, who are doing a disservice to all of us. The whole world is aware of the US complicity in carrying out these war crimes .It’s another shameful act that this Bush Administration is adding to its over-filled Dossier.

No crime should take place in our name and with our money .Bush, instead of trying to bring the Car Industry to it’s knees so he can give them loans to survive and sustain US jobs, should stop all US aid to the rogue state of Israel, and the US Congress should regain it’s independence and stop being an Israeli occupied Territory.