Saturday, January 17, 2009

It's Not Rocket Science, Israel!

"It’s not rocket science: stop the fucking bombing of gaza

carlos latuff

carlos latuff

i think that it is a miracle that people in lebanon and palestine are not entirely psychotic having to deal with the deja-vu of israeli terrorist aggression again and again and again. i’m reading, watching july war 2006 all over again. once again the world–with far louder cries and screams from the streets now compared to then–demands that israeli terrorists stop their aggression. the united nations general assembly passed a meaningless resolution–except that it express the will of the world–and the motherfucking israeli terrorists whine and complain that the world is ganging up on them. yes, and your problem with that is? as well they should. but no one can do anything but express themselves through language, documents. and then no change. and once again they ignore united nations resolutions. once again they massacre with impunity, without any care for international law. okay, you say, that is normal this is how israeli terrorists behave, this is the very definition of the racist ideology of zionism.

but still: why am i having to hear on the news again and again and again about israeli terrorists meeting to decide on a “unilateral cease-fire.” what does that even mean?: “unilateral cease-fire”? here’s a novel idea: STOP THE FUCKING BOMBING. that is how you create a cease-fire. the details don’t matter. we know that israeli terrorists will continue to invade and bomb at their will so whatever the document says does not really matter. just look at tzipi livni and condoleeza rice today in washington signing away agreements about the rafah border and palestinians’ access to weapons. i have news for you: palestinians working to liberate palestine will always find a way to get weapons. and thank god for that. but still the bombing rages on. i just saw sameh on al jazeera and he made it very clear that they are not stopping: they are increasing the bombing (anyone recall how israeli terrorists littered south lebanon with cluster bombs in the last 72 hours of its war on lebanon? okay, now it is white phosphorous, but same difference. same trauma.