Monday, January 19, 2009

Israeli Killing Reported Live

"Palestinian doctor's daughters killed during live Israeli TV report

by Stephen C. Webster

War is cruel. But sometimes, a story comes along that redefines what cruel really means.

Saturday morning, a Palestinian doctor who reports for Israel's channel 10 television witnessed three of his daughters killed by Israeli bombs, even as his first moments of insane panic and grief were broadcast live.

Israeli officials said shells were dropped in response to sniper fire in the area.Dr. Ezzeldeen Abu al-Ashi is an uncommon man. A Palestinian who works for an Israeli hospital, Dr. Ashi has been giving Israelis daily reports on the military campaign in Gaza.

"No one can get to us," he screamed in Arabic on a live phone call with a channel 10 anchor. "My God ... My God ..."

Dr. Ashi told the anchor his family had just been killed, and that he was "overwhelmed."

"My God ... My girls ..." he cried. "Shiomi ... Can't anybody help us please?"

The following video was published by Al Jazeera English on Jan. 17.


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