Thursday, January 15, 2009

Israel Lied About Truce, Rocket Attacks

What else is new? Those SOBs lie about EVERYTHING!

"500 Citizens of Sderot Contradict the Israeli Government

The removed Israeli government graph: 'Monthly distribution of rockets hits.'

By Janine Roberts

Much has been made of Hamas’ reported failure to honour last year’s truce. But, an extraordinary correspondence between Jewish residents of the much-rocketed town of Sderot, nearby kibbutz, and the Palestinians living within sight in the Gaza strip paints a very different picture of that truce from that repeatedly given by the Israeli government.

Barrack Obama was taken to Sderot last year to show him the effects of rocketing. He remarked on how Israeli towns looked like American from the air and offered his full support to the town’s citizens, promising to invite its representatives to the White House soon after taking office. At the time in mid-July Sderot was safe to visit. There had been no casualties from rockets since the ceasefire started 4 weeks earlier.

.... On the 4th November, the day when Americans were watching the results of the Presidential election, the Israeli army broke the ceasefire by raiding the strip. Six Palestinians were killed....