Sunday, January 4, 2009

Israel Kills Five Medics

"Five medics killed by Israeli forces in Gaza

January 4th, 2009

4th January 2008, northern Gaza: International Human Rights Activists working with Palestinian medical crews today reported that another five Palestinian medics were killed today by Israeli forces.

International Solidarity Movement activists spent the night accompanying ambulances in Gaza. They were, and will continue, working with medical personnel during the Israeli occupation forces ground invasion into northern Gaza.

“In addition to the doctor and medic that the Israeli military murdered on the 31st of December, they have killed five more medics today. One was shot in Jabaliya, one in Al Sheikh Ejleen. Three have just been killed when a missile directly hit their ambulance in the Tal Hawye neighborhood in Gaza City. The medics are constantly in contact with the Red Cross for them to negotiate passage with the Israelis. The Israelis constantly refuse.” Sharon Lock (Australia) – International Solidarity Movement

The Israelis dropped a bomb in front of our ambulance to prevent us accessing wounded people. However a donkey cart emerged carrying a wounded family; a mother and father and three teenage brothers. One of the teenagers was attempting to shield the other two with a blanket. They were both horrifically injured, I could see the lungs of one of them. As I assisted the medics to move him off the cart I found my hand inside his body.” Alberto Arce (Spain) – International Solidarity Movement

“I got a call 30 minutes ago, on a poor phone line, saying that Arafat is dead, killed while working, by Israeli fire. He was one of the emergency medics I met two nights ago, compassionate, emotionally strong, and with an unabashedly wacky sense of humour. I’m more saddened by his death than I can express.” Eva Bartlett (Canada) – International Solidarity Movement

“Israel is claiming that there is no humanitarian crisis because they do not consider us as humans. ” – Natalie Abu Shakra (Lebanon) – International Solidarity Movement

“Israel has continued to violate international conventions by attacking medical personnel. They are massacring the people of Gaza. With the swelling number of civilian casualties, Israel must ensure that medical assistance is available. Instead, they are intentionally targeting the medical teams that are meant to be protected by the Geneva Conventions. Israel’s disregard for international law must be confronted by the international community.” – Vittorio Arrigoni (Italy) – International Solidarity Movement

“The ground invasion of last night has lead to Beit Lahiya and Beit Hanoun being shut down. We managed to get into Beit Hanoun to collect bodies of some of the dead. We are now headed to Jabaliya to continue our work with ambulance accompaniment. There is nowhere for the Gazan people to escape to, civilians cannot leave for safety because of the siege. These prolonged attacks on Gaza are horrific and last night’s ground invasion by the Israeli occupation forces has led to a swelling amount of civilian casualties. ” Ewa Jasiewicz – Free Gaza Movement

Human Rights Activists in Gaza

Ewa Jasiewicz - Poland/Britain

Alberto Arce - Spain

Dr. Haider Eid - South Africa

Sharon Lock - Australia

Fida Qishta - Palestine

Jenny Linnel - Britain

Natalie Abu Shakra - Lebanon

Vittorio Arrigoni - Italy

Eva Bartlett - Canada

For free footage from Ramatan News Agency inside Gaza: eutelsatw6. downlink 11691.08 horizontal symbol rate 2.894. this will work if ec is 3 over 4 (satellite co-ordinates)

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