Friday, January 16, 2009

How Did Israel Get In So Much Trouble?

"How did Israel get in so much trouble, I mean with Public opinion

by Divining the News

Everything has more or less gone in its favour. Campaigns against Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, a general perception of Muslims as extremist Jihadists.

Favourable positions in Governments, Media and Finance. Also a lot of sympathy for the holocaust. Internal jewish scandals are kept well hidden by the secret jewish police.

Why should everyone be so aghast now? In the Afghan campaign bombing weddings and funerals has been a common practice. Once 5,000 prisoners were all bombed to smithereens.

Why this outcry now? Is it that inexplicable anti semitism? Or is it explicable? There is a body of Jews concerned for the Jewish image. They rarely allow anything to surface that allows the jews to be discredited. A lot of jews must be sick of being told what to say and what to do.

Maybe the resentment in the public at large has been building up. And the internet has been an avenue of information and ideas.

The atrocities in Gaza are ghastly, but they have also been going on Iraq, Afghanistan etc. But Israel has been front page news for decades, along with the holocaust. Now we are all suffering from having to pay for this war on terror. And ignoring any Israeli involvement, we at least know Israel has always been a firm supporter.

All our Governments (and press) support Israel throughout the years. Maybe everyone is sick of it, just fed up with the whole oppression / spin thing.

Maybe on a personal level people have felt the pain of opposing zionism. Losing jobs or promotions. And it can go a lot lot worse (I know).

How can Israel right itself? Only by challenging the philosophy that is driving it. Duty to the family is the preeminent criteria for promotion. This is noble. And apart from the dogmatism, it is not that unique. Every culture in the world cherishes family values. It is the dogmatism that is questionable. Although many slip through the net of family respectability by putting on a facade.

We can assume the military man who led the Israelis on the northern front in Lebanon in 2006, and then was the Georgia’s chief adviser in its ill fated onslaught on the Russians. Was a good family man, in fact his father had been a celebrated war hero. Well maybe the religious dogmatism has no place in running politics? But the reality is, it does.

Is it not a time to question what mistakes are being made? Livni, Olmert and Rohm all come from militaristicly sympathetic families. And therefore the jewish religious people condone their ascendancy. If this is all new to you, it might sound far fetched, but if you know Israel it will be understood.

Now it just so happens most people do follow the politics of their parents. But that is just ‘most’.

There is nothing greater on this earth than the family. It is the greatest institution there is. The Indians, Chinese, Muslims and everyone else worship it.

No doubt the Rockefellers and Rothschilds live for the success of their families. But the nepotism has taken on a religious fervour. In our criminal age when you hear someone say they are going to visit their family, it is often a cover for other pursuits. And how ironic that the lesser jewish influenced world has a far better track record for families staying intact. And equally all those Muslims too.

If Jewish rule is being questioned more than ever, isn’t it time to soul search?

We can safely assume that those that are carrying out war crimes, are doing it for the love of their families. We need a perspective, and we need a relativity. Somehow a system where truth is also important. And a compassion for humanity as well....