Thursday, January 8, 2009

Gaza: Premeditated Genocide

"The Gaza Slaughter Is Premeditated Genocide

by Karl Schwarz
It is time to call a spade a spade. Israel is a nation of terrorists. The US has become a nation of terrorists.

For those readers who do not know what 'anti-Semitism' looks and smells like, they should pay close attention to the Israeli butchery in Gaza.

Since 9-11, and even before then through the auspices of US, UK, NATO sponsored terrorism in Operation Gladio, the US, UK and Israel have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that the world's preeminent terrorists are those three nations.

I see the constant brainwashing mantra of "terror" spewing out of the criminals in DC and from the MSM, knowing full well that my nation is, directly or indirectly, now the leading cause and support mechanism of global terrorism.

The slaughter of 1.5 million Iraqis was terrorism. The annihilation of 2-3 million Afghanis is terrorism. This latest Israeli massacre in Palestine with US weapons and support is terrorism.

Turn back the clock to August, 2008 and we have the US-Israel sponsored and condoned genocide of the citizens of South Ossetia. Mick 'The Tie Eater" Saakashvili has now admitted that Georgia attacked first and Russia responded in force.

Go back a little further to 2006, and there is the Israeli attack on Lebanon, fully-armed with American weapons. The US and Israel clearly think there is no accountability for butchery and human sacrifice.

This is an action-reaction universe and for any action there is and will always be an reaction in reverse. Especially, when the initial action is pure evil.

I have been watching this 'Hamas fires rockets at poor little Israel' vomit and there many grievous things wrong with Israel's whining and victimhood.

I have seen bigger and more deadly fireworks displays in the US and EU. These Hamas pipe bomb rockets are essentially toys to shout out the disgust Palestinians feel for their hostile, hateful neighbors in Zionist Israel.

News has now surfaced that this 'defensive attack' by Israel was in planning up to 18 months ago, just like the post 9-11 attack on Afghanistan. This is not self-defense; it is willful genocide of Palestinians. It is an unarguable fact that the Jews themselves refuse to make peace with the Palestinians they hold hostage in the world's largest outdoor prison.

The Israelis have intentionally, willfully turned the lives of the Palestinians into a living Hell...or death...for DECADES. Every basic human necessity is denied by the Zionist Jew jailers in Tel Aviv who demand that everything has to be the Zionist Jew way...and to Hell with fairness, equity or humanity. It is sheer elitist, evil Talmudism.

Never have I seen such a psychotic, racist, bigoted little state pretend that they have some moral high ground yet prove time and time again that they are nothing less than thugs, gangsters and killers. I have been watching closely for over 30 years and it is apparent to me that Israel does not want peace. Period. It wants the Palestinians to go away and DIE.

What is one Israeli life worth? Is it ten dead Palestinians, or 100 dead women, children and complete annihilation of families? One 'great' Israeli statesman said, and I paraphrase, "All the Arabs in the world aren't worth one Jewish fingernail."

The Viasat History channel ran a special over the holidays about how the 20th Century was the bloodiest in recorded history of mankind. One part of that special was particularly disgusting as the narrator and story producers attempted to completely re-write history as to what World War I and World War II were all about.

I about gagged when they addressed the post-World War II matter of Israel. This is a quote from that special: "Following the Holocaust in Europe many of the Biblical Jews longed to return to their home in Israel. After all had suffered so much from World War II no one had enough energy left to object to their wishes."

Folks, that is unadulterated total HORSESHIT. First, there was no "Israel" to return home to. It was Judea, remember? It was Palestine for about close to 2,000 years and the Jews and Arabs who lived there did so in peace. Most of them had never lived in 'Israel' and most of them did not return there as the great Exodus it was billed to be.

This is the same Holocaust crowd that does not want to openly discuss or research their claim of 6 million dead. No, they want the world to accept that as Gospel. Nor do they wish to discuss historical records that indicate that there were more Jews in Europe after World War II than preceding World War II, or that Zionist Jews financed the very Nazi Germany that supposedly sought to exterminate the Jews from Europe. They get very upset when someone brings up the fact that around 150,000 Jews served, often with great bravery and distinction, in the German military in World War II.

This is basically the same bunch that whips out the 'anti-Semite' label even though they are as far from being genuine Semitic people as are most of the people on the planet. The Khazar Zionist Jews are NOT SEMITIC, nor did they even come from that part of the world.

'Semite' is not a race, it is a language group that includes the original Jews of Judea, many of the Arabs of that immediate area and even some of the original Ethiopians.

Did you read that link? There are over 450 million Semitic language speaking people and the largest group is THE ARABS.

It therefore suggests that the most ANTI-SEMTIC people on the face of this planet are the white-skinned Khazar Zionist Jews and their White Cracker supremacists who control the UK and US governments.

It was not until the UN, the US, the UK, and the Zionist Rothschild family and their henchmen forced Israel upon the world that there was any problem whatsoever in that part of the world.

Most of these 'Biblical Jews' that longed for their homeland were not Jews by birth. They were from Khazaria which was in the Caspian Sea area far from Europe and far from Israel too. Since they had never lived in Israel it is sort of hard to long for a homeland that not only never existed, but that they never lived in...nor did any of their forefathers. They were not born of the 12 Tribes of Israel, they just decided to call themselves Jews about 740 AD, choosing that religion over Islam and Christianity.

These same Khazars then fled into Russia, Poland, Hungary and other areas to avoid meeting their doom when Genghis Khan shredded their Khazarian Empire. If you missed my past article 'Long Live the Khazaria Empire, Not!' it is posted on Rense at this link.

Many years ago, I heard that Zionist Jews do not like actress Kelly McGinnis. She has starred in some memorable movies such as Top Gun, Witness, etc. I was curious as to why but did not know until recently. Kelly, it seems, starred in a 1988 movie titled "The House on Carroll Street".

What the movie was about is how our US government snuck Nazis into the US and hid them behind the names of dead people, many of them Jews living in the US who had died of natural causes in the early 1950s.

The deceit from Washington, DC never ends.

I suspect part of the reason Israel refuses to permit the duly, legally elected Hamas government to rule is that it will not move inland to the Palestinian Ghettos and let the greedy Jew real estate developers have that choice beach front Mediterranean property. And then there is the quiet story of the substantial amounts of oil and natural gas in and offshore of Gaza.

The former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert had to resign in disgrace due to a real estate scam, bribery, and scandals involving his buddies. My shit detector says that Zionist Jews want the Gaza Strip and that prime Mediterranean beach property for more Zionist Israel settlements. And perhaps a Las Vegas style 'entertainment' and gambling, prostitution, drugs, money laundering mecca.

I bet Bernie Madoff has already purchased a nice flat there with a great ocean view. Current news says Bernie has already violated his parole by trying to hide jewelry and other assets from prosecutors. Now, finally, they are insisting that he be held without bond. Don't hold your breath.

This is, indeed, the latest in a long series of massacre/holocausts of Palestinian 'Semite' Arabs and Christian 'Semite' Arabs, etc, perpetrated, as always, by Zionist Khazar Jews who own and operate the House of Rothschild's 'shitty little country' (as top French Government official said a few years ago).

It is time for the good people of this world, this entire sorry planet, to stand up to the US, the UK and Zionist Israel and say 'NEVER AGAIN!'