Monday, January 12, 2009

Following in the Footsteps of the Founding Fathers

"The Palestinians–Following in the Footsteps of the American Revolution

There is something soooooo familiar about all of this. Now, let’s see, we have on one side one of the most wealthy and militarily-powerful nations in the world throwing everything they have against a ragtag group of people fighting to rid their lands of foreign occupation. A military blockade has been imposed upon the native peoples, preventing them from engaging in business they need to sustain themselves. The occupying power, demonstrating its complete disregard for human life and the fact it does not distinguish between civilian and combatants is engaged in deliberately burning down entire towns in achieving its ends.

Naturally, the freedom fighters are called criminals and have no just basis for their grievances. The occupying power, understanding the paramount importance of decapitation, is actively engaged in hunting down the leaders of this movement.

Why, yes, that’s it–It’s the exact same scenario that took place a relatively short while ago between the British and the Americans in what came to be known as the American Revolution. Gripe and moan about it all you want, all you ‘patriotic” Americans who squirm at the fact that our own glorious war for independence is a mirrored reflection of what is taking place in the Middle East as Palestinians fight to rid their home of foreign occupiers, but it is what it is and there is no getting around it.

For those Americans at a disadvantage in terms of knowing the history of their country’s birth, the story goes like this–For a good ten years, since the end of the French and Indian war, the storm had been brewing. It was the time of an overbearing British government looking down its nose condescendingly on its American colonial “subjects”, viewing them as inferior creatures who should feel honored with their inferior role as “hewers of wood and carriers of water” for their better brethren in England.

Naturally, the American colonists did not see it this way. They did not accept the theory that between the two peoples there was one who was better or “chosen”. Nor did they accept the manifestations of this mindset on the part of the British that the Americans were created for the sole purpose of providing these “better” people a life of luxury and comfort.

And so, being people who forged an existence out of the wilds of America, of being accustomed to hardship and taking the bull by the horns when a problem arose, the Americans did what any proud people would do when their rights and freedoms were threatened. They complained and petitioned and did the best they could in getting along with this same overbearing British government that would not consider the grievances of “ungrateful” subjects who didn’t appreciate the benefits of the master/slave relationship…

…and then, when it became all-too-obvious that “Plan A” was a waste of time, that there was to be no consensus and that the master holding the whip would hear nothing of treating the slave better, the Americans resorted to “Plan B”. They burned things down, including government offices that functioned as the machinery of depriving them of their rights. They made life a living hell for the officials working for the King in depriving them of their rights, and they did not do it nicely. Had the term existed at that time, they would have been called ‘terrorists’.

And of course, there was the infamous Boston Tea Party, where Americans struck at the heart of British control in the colonies, meaning the pocketbook, by tossing several hundreds crates of British East India tea into Boston Harbor.

The British for their part closed the harbor and imposed a naval blockade, refusing to allow any goods to come or go until all the tea had been paid for. In the meantime, the Americans, knowing what was to come next, started storing up guns and ammo. They started drilling as soldiers in preparation for what they knew (but hoped was not) to be the inevitable.

And then came the infamous day, when the British marched 800 soldiers, Grenadiers, some of the toughest fighting men the King had against the Americans. Their job was to round up the leaders of this movement, seize the guns, ammo and food and try to bring an end to this troublesome little event.

After killing 8 Americans at Lexington Green, they moved on to Concord, where the commanding officer, one Maj. John Pitcairn, set a chair in the middle of the town, drank tea and watched admiringly as his soldiers went and ransacked every home and set fire to the town.

The smoke from the town burning was seen from miles away. Out in the countryside, men grabbed their muskets, kissed their wives and headed off to do what men are programmed to do.

The British has no idea what they were in store for. They assumed that these inept colonials would pose no trouble to them whatsoever and that this little Intifada on the part of the Americans would be over in short order.

What happened instead is that the Americans, knowing that everything of any meaning to them was in jeopardy, swarmed down upon the arrogant, insolent British like a swarm of hornets. The British were forced to flee back to Boston on a 20 mile march that turned into a massacre. The Americans, having learned the art of unconventional war by virtue of having lived among the Indians, hid behind trees and rock walls, hitting and running. They set up ambushes for the British where there was no escape and little chance of surviving. The British, having seriously miscalculated what men are willing to do when their women and children are threatened, cried like whipped children when they arrived back in Boston, having lost close to 250 men. The Americans, knowing that they had to make every shot count had lost only a handful.

The British, despite having suffered such a loss, would have nothing of the idea of being put down by such an inferior group of rabble. They were, after all, a “better people”, who by their obvious superiority were “chosen” to rule the world.

We all know how the story ends. The British got their asses kicked out of America, something which we Americans and other freedom-loving people celebrate on the 4th of July.

And yet, how quickly we forget the whole story. Rather than side with our brothers and sisters in their struggle for freedom, and particularly those in the Middle East trying to rid their lands of foreign occupiers who murder their innocent women and children, we side with the oppressor. We give him all the guns, ammo, money and support these monsters need to do what the British tried doing to our forefathers over 200 years ago. We cheer the slaughter of the innocents, whether it is in Gaza, the West Bank or wherever, having forgotten how the British slaughtered our own at the Boston Massacre. We swallow the lies handed to us by the oppressor and murderer of innocents as much as the hated “Tories” of colonial America sided with a tyrant hell-bent on making us his servants, and even hiring mercenaries to do it. It is a sad sign of the times when Americans–who by their very nature and stated love of truth, justice and the “American way” should side with such creatures as Israel–a nation that has bankrupted us economically and morally, made us the 2nd most hated nation in the world, completely corrupted our political system and killed Americans on several occasions, including but not limited to her deliberate attack on the USS Liberty in 1967–rather than with those seeking the very same thing men such as Thomas Jefferson, George Washington and Patrick Henry achieved. Indeed, had traitorous, subversive individuals such as Abe Foxman, Daniel Pipes, Normon Podhoretz, Steven Emerson, Rahm Emmanuel, Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Pearle and the Jewish groups they work for such as the ADL, AIPAC, JINSA, JDL and others been around during the time of the American Revolution, they would have been spying for King George III on our beloved founding fathers, characterizing them as ‘extremists’ and whatnot and colluding with the British to see our war for freedom extinguished. It merely goes to show how successful the half century program of propaganda and mind control has been on the part of a Jewish controlled mass media in turning the American Revolution and the fruits of that revolution on its ear. By siding with the Jewish state in its oppression of the Palestinians, what Americans are saying in effect is–

“We despise liberty…We despise justice…We repudiate everything our founding fathers fought for and achieved…Long live George III, and may our founding fathers rot in hell for what they did.”

Well, as the old saying goes, be careful what you wish for America, because some day you may get it. Indeed, America will pay for her sins in betraying her past and her principles by siding with the enemy of all that is good and decent, and one day we will look upon the Palestinians and recognize that we lost our freedom because of the fact we denied them theirs…

...Because indeed, what goes around comes around.


"In Solidarity with Palestinian Freedom Fighters


As the saying goes, one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter. So just who are the terrorists and who are the freedom fighters in the Middle East today?

Well, let’s think about that for a minute. Were our American Founding Fathers terrorists or freedom fighters? I guess if you ask the British, they would say that the English colonists in the English colonies of America were traitors and terrorists, rebelling against their own government back home in England. But that’s not exactly the way we Americans look at the Revolutionary War, is it? What exactly is it that we celebrate every 4th of July with our backyard barbecues, parades, and fireworks displays? Well, any American school child will tell you that we are celebrating our freedom from British tyranny, thanks to the brave Minute Men who defeated the evil Red Coats. I guess it all depends on how you look at it.

Then we have the example of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, chronicled in Hollywood’s ubiquitous Holocaust movies, where Jews who had been sealed off and starved in the Warsaw Ghetto during World War II in Poland rose up against that injustice. But that uprising was ultimately crushed by the Nazis. Yet their attempt at self-liberation is hailed by official history as one of the bravest and noblest attempts at freedom in the annals of martial history. And certainly we were all taught in school that it was worth the loss of American lives in the “Good War” to defeat the evil Nazis, even though the Nazis would say their movement was an attempt to prevent the Communists from taking over all of Europe. So I guess it all depends on how you look at it.

Fast forward to Palestine 1948. The Palestinians, including Muslims, Christians and (Sephardic) Jews, were all living on the land called Palestine, identified as such on any map or globe produced prior to 1948. And they had been living together in peace for many centuries, as evidenced by the large number of Christian churches, synagogues, and mosques that had coexisted on that sacred territory for centures, in the true spirit of ecumenism. Then after World War II, with the Allied Victory, the European Jews decided to cash in the Balfour Declaration and all hell broke loose in the region. The Irgun terrorists (or freedom fighters, depending on how you look at it), including the father of our next Chief of Staff, Rahm Israel Emmanuel, summarily terrorized the non-Jewish Palestinians off their land, starting with the village of Deir Yassin. The Irgun terrorists (or freedom fighters, depending on how you look at it), slaughtered men, women and children in that small village, beginning what the Israelis call the “War of Independence,” even though their opponents, the rightful owners of the land, were largely unarmed and defenseless civilians. They then went around in pickup trucks with megaphones warning the neighboring villagers that the same fate awaited them if they did not immediately abandon their homes and flee into concentration refugee camps in Gaza and the West Bank. And that’s how things have roughly stood for the past 60 years in the land they now call “Israel,” but which some would call “occupied Palestine.” I guess it all depends on how you look at.

To get a visual perspective of how ownership of the land has been stolen changed hands, take a look at the following display:

So as the Zionist-controlled talking heads on television attempt to explain the current situation to their brain dead viewers, please keep in mind that the problem did not start 2 weeks ago, or 6 months ago, or even in 1967. No honest discussion about the Palestinian situation can possibly take place without going back to the village of Deir Yassin in 1948. I don’t want to hear about Hamas or “rockets” or “terrorists” or breaking the supposed “ceasefire” or any these other red herrings. Because none of these events can possibly make sense to the outside observer without going back to 1948.

The bottom line is this: the Palestinians had been living in peace on that land for centuries, tending their orchards, farms, and animals, and minding their own business, until 1948. This is the first fact that needs to be understood before any further discussion can take place. Whatever happened to the Jews during World War II in Europe can not possibly be laid at the feet of the Palestinians, and there is no way around this basic fact. Although they had committed no crimes, the Palestinians have been holed up in cages refugee camps in Gaza and the West Bank (of Jerusalem) since 1948, in extremely overcrowded conditions, living in a fraction of what once once their entire country. In addition, their orchards, homes (and children) have routinely been destroyed and bulldozed, their young men imprisoned without charges, and they have been forced to live under Israeli military occupation since 1967. Yet, even after the loss of 80% of their original territory, the Palestinians have agreed to accept a 2-state solution, which would leave them a tiny country divided in two parts (Gaza and the West Bank) in exchange for peace. But the Israelis have no intention of ever agreeing to any 2-state solution because they want all of that land and will not be content until the last Palestinian is either dead or driven out of the region.

The Israelis provoke reactions from the Palestinians by cutting off food and medical supplies, then use this as a pretext to finish what they started in 1948. In no way can this be considered a “war” between Palestinians and Israelis. The people of Gaza are trapped in a refugee camp with the 4th largest military in the world (Israel) now invading the camp to kill as many Palestinians as possible and drive the rest of them out of the Gaza strip entirely. How hypocritical for Israelis to kvetch that the Palestinians want to drive Israelis into the sea, when that is exactly what they are doing to the Palestinians - the rightful owners of the country! People who are largely unarmed and trapped in a concentration refugee camp, who are fighting for their very survival, cannot be considered terrorists by people interested in fairness. Unless you consider that the Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto were terrorists and the Nazis were the freedom fighters. You can’t have it both ways. If Jews in Warsaw were freedom fighters, then the Palestinians have every right to fight against their oppressors, too. The Palestinians have the right to resist their own genocide. And that’s exactly what they are doing.

All true lovers of freedom and justice must stand in solidarity with the brave Palestinian freedom fighters.