Sunday, January 11, 2009

The End of Israel (As We Know It)

"The end of Israel (as we know it)

It is the entire warmongering zionist class. First of all they are driving us to a world war. They have lost the media war and therefore public support. Yet governments do very little to oppose the Israeli actions. So the clique of god loving bloodlusts become even smaller.

If Israel conquers Gaza, and by some miracle does not expand the war to Lebanon, Syria and Iran, it will imprison thousands of Gazans, all of them hungry and shattered from the onslaught.

Never again will Israelis and Jews be able to hold their heads up high as this will attract scorn. Israel’s business interests will continue through coercion and deceit. But the seeds have been laid for ostracising, for becoming a pariah state.

No amount of divorced from reality headlines will repair the damage. Just wait for the headlines: “Gazans welcome Israelis”. How could a nation be so disjointed from humanity. All the time Rabbis praising the warring.

The lunatics in charge in Washington, London and Tel Aviv have shown their callousness. War crimes, children, red cross workers and banned weapons. All without fear of international reprisals. Because of the so called Jewish banksters who control the governments. They are so called Jewish because war crimes cannot really be Jewish. They must in reality be greedy corrupting figures. Some of whom indulge in a little torture as well. All looking a little satanic.

How did such people rise to power? Owning the media must have been part of it. And undermining peaceniks, expelling them from Israel and pursuing them around the world, and harassing their families. The entire jewish ethos has lost its lustre. How can war crimes be in bed with morality?

There is now every likelihood of them spreading the war. Just by ignoring the worlds will they risk expanding the war. Perhaps they will make a (another) false flag, Lebanon, Iran, India? Who knows? Their war machines have never been more lubricated, they have never been less popular, and people have expected Obama to be a change. So maybe they feel now is the time to act.

For how long is it possible to rule by corrupting a few? This is the current modus operandis, the one that undid the Soviets, the way 3rd world puppets are sustained, and in the Middle East, and in our own societies. It is going to beg for a worldwide revolution.

The sad reality is, no Israeli is free, all are under the yoke of a police state. They are not concerned to serve humanity, but to serve their country and its notion of what the Jews should be. There is no chance of a change. Many Israelis resent their predicament, and from time to time there is talk of a civil war. Israelis are now like the child in The Tin Drum: Dwarfed. Dwarfed into following orders, and witnessing their lack of freedom. They can have solace in knowing their brethren are in the same shoes. And each and every one of them knows it is all wrong.