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Day 22 of Israeli War On Gaza

"Saturday, January 17, 2009

Day 22 of Israeli War On Gaza

Day 22 of Israeli War On Gaza
Informative Report on Gaza War: Death toll 1220, wounded 5350

By: Sameh A. Habeeb:
A Photojournalist, Humanitarian & Peace Activist in Gaza Strip.

Dear Editors, Journalists and Friends,
This is a new report for the 22nd day of Gaza War and the outcomes of Israeli invasion....
Please, make sure you forward this email to those who you feel are interested in this matter.

Day 22 of Israeli War On Gaza
Daily Feed About Gaza War:
1-Israeli air strike hit the eastern part of Gaza City. Many houses were harmed partially.
2-Israeli air forces raided on a United Nations' school northern Gaza, town of Bait Lahia. A woman and two children were killed and many wounded. Tens of people came to take the school as a shelter but it was hit!
3- Two Palestinians killed in east of Rafah City. Invading tanks destroyed sevetal houses and arrested some residents.
4-Three Palestinians killed by Phosphorous bombs fall down in many places in north of Gaza.
5- Two Palestinians killed after being injured in Khan yonis and their father was wounded. Here is an email I got from the friends of the family before they know what has happened to them!
Family Friend,
I am writing to make a request for a good friend from Gaza (Amer Shurrab, UWCAD '01--03, Middlebury College '08.5). He just found out his father and two brothers were attacked while returning home from their farm during the 3-hr ceasefire. One brother (Kassab Shurrab) died, but the father (Mohammed Shurrab -64) and the remaining brother (Ibrahim-17) are now wounded and stranded in an Israeli Defense Force (IDF) controlled area. It's been 16 hours and emergency services are unable to reach them. The ambulances cannot travel there without permission from the IDF, and local aid groups claim that soldiers are blocking their access.

We have spoken with the local Red Cross in Khan Yunis and they have been trying to get the IDF's permission to get to the family, but have not been allowed. What we are asking, is if you could help by using any of your contacts (in the area and/or region, with NGOs, HR groups,media, etc), to bring attention and pressure in order to get permission for the ambulances to save two lives. We are very desperate and trying as many avenues as possible to help aid reach them. If you know even a foot soldier who might be able to push the ball by calling a local commander we would really appreciate any help.

His father and brother are located at:
In front of Supermarket Abu Zidan El-Najar
El Fukhari (neighbourhood)
Khan Yunis (town)

We truly appreciate any help at this time, thank you for your time.

Adriana Qubaia +1.781.350.8080 (
Amer Shurrab: +1.802.377.7962 (

6- Two Palestinians killed near Sofa crossings in Rafah City southern Gaza Strip.
7-Three Palestinians killed in northern Gaza Strip near al karma buildings.
8-Heavy bombings mid of Gaza City and clashes erupted in eastern part of Gaza city.
9-Heavy bombings artillery shelling western Gaza city and in Al Zaytoin area south east of Gaza.
10-Naval gunboats shelled southern Gaza City leaving 4 Palestinian wounded.
11-Shells destroyed Taha mosque east of Jabalia.
12-Rockets hit a group of Palestinian fighters in Twam area west north of occupied Gaza strip.
13-Four Israeli soldiers wounded by Palestinian mortar shells north of Gaza.
14-Fire set in several houses in Bait Lahia resulted in many wounded.
15-Phosphorus bombs hit many targets at Khan yonis city and many house burned in the area.
16- Phosphorus bombs hit many targets at Khan yonis city and many house burned in the area.
17-Rockets attack into several farms and houses in Moraj area in Rafah City.
18-Three rockets hit Al Barhma area in Rafah City.
19-More than 100 bombs, rockets and shells hit the tunnels area in Rafah City. Tens of the houses destroyed and hundreds of persons left their houses.
20-Israeli F16s raided by 4 rockets on many spaces inside Egypt and hover in the area.
21- Medical sources: victims up to 1220 while wounded up to 5350. A big number of ambulances and medical equipments destroyed in addition to destroying 15 medical centers and sections.
22-Palestinian fighters launched 14 projectiles into Israeli settlements.
23-Houses destroyed northern Gaza in Israeli bombings.
24-Artillary shells bombarded Al Tofah area eastern Gaza City.
25-Rockets hit Al Salam quarter in Rafah City and 3 wounded in the place.
26-Drones fired a rocket into empty spaces in Shja'ya area.
27-Power Crisis still storming most of the Gaza Strip.
28-Water is not being accessed by 800 thousands Gazans.
29-Bread crisis still storming Gaza leaving 5 bakeries out of 47 working!
30-Drones excessively hover on Gaza City, eastern and northern areas.
31-Israeli tanks based in Rafah City, Gaza Airport, fired many houses in Shoka area.