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Day 11 of Israeli War On Gaza

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: The Most Devastating Post I Have Ever Read

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"Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Day 11 of Israeli War On Gaza

Day 11 of Israeli War On Gaza
Palestinians flee their houses but Israeli rockets kill them in schools
By: Sameh A. Habeeb

Dear Editors, Journalists and Friends,

The ground military operation started 72 hours ago. Below is a new report for the 11th day of Gaza War and the outcomes of Israeli invasion. For more reporting, breaking news, interviews and accounts in Gaza, you could reach me on my contact info below.


Day 11 of Israeli War On Gaza
Death toll 620, injured 3000 and most of them Civilians
By Sameh A. Habeeb, A Photojournalist, Humanitarian & Peace Activist in Gaza Strip.

*Numbers and Figures of Israeli War on Gaza:
*Total death toll: 620 while Wounded: 3000.
*Civilians: 220 children and 130 women killed since the start of this War. Many old men and young people were killed and the number is estimated of 80 and this is all according to the Medical sources.

*Thus, we could say so far: Around 430 civilians killed and 190 are policemen and militants.

* More than 1 thousand child among the wounded!

*11 Ambulances bombed and 4 vans for civil defense hit.

*30 paramedics wounded and 7 killed.

Deadly Outcomes of Israeli Ground Military Operation:

1-Bombings in Jabalia Refugee Camps, 5 killed and several wounded. Many houses were damaged in the camp while hundreds of people leave their houses into some schools and safer places.

2-Israeli F16s bombarded two adjacent houses for Al Shorafa family in Toffah area. The houses were hit without previous notification. Many people killed and several wounded.

3-A massare against house of Al Daya family southern east of Gaza City. The father was killed, the mother, his son Fayez, his daughter in law Rawans, infant

6-month-baby Muhammad, 5-year-old Sharf Al Din, Ala' aged 8 years, Rania aged 12 and Doha 3 years. Other 5 people were killed in the same house while many still under the rubbles of the 4-floor-house.

4- Marzouq Family hit in Al Toffah area. Many wounded and no news if there are victims or not!

5-Israeli drone killed 3 young guys refugee to one of the schools in Al Shati' Refugee Camp. They were hit by a rocket while they were drinking water inside the school.

6-Medical sources: 13 palestinian women and children arrived to Al Shifa' hospital due to Israeli shelling in Al Toffah quarter.

7-Gaza Local Radios: Thousands of Palestinians shelter to UNRWA schools mid of Gaza as Israeli army threatened of a genocide against them. Some of theose at schools are wounded and unable to reach hospitals.

8-F16s rebombarded Al Saraya security compound last night. The place totally turned rubbles.

9-Bombings target Al Baurej centeral market. Many wounded and 2 killed.

10-Bombings targeted Abu Ghanima family in Al Zaytoun area. The house includes around 12 people. Some injured, some killed and some others under rubbles.

11-A horrendous massacare: 45 civilians! Killed due to heavy Israeli bombings targeted them at Al Fakhora school in Jabalia town. The families and victims took this school a shelter from Israeli strikes. Around 100 wounded and many in critical conditions now!

12-A house for shamalkh family bombed to rubbles due bombings targeted a mosque in the area. Two palestinains killed, 10 wounded and 5 in critical conditions.

13-A house destroyed due to air raid in Khan Yonis town of Abasan.

14-Bombings in Al Shati' camp claimed the life of one civilian and many wounded in the place.

15-Israeli rockets hit Qlaibo area north of Gaza and no wounded to be reported in the raid.

16-A house for Isi family hit in Al Toffah area.

17-A house hit near Mus'ab Bin omair Mosque and many houses burnt due to the shelling north of Gaza.

18- One Palestinian killed and 6 wounded in the Israeli air raids in Absan town in Khan Yonis.

19-Al Samouni Family: around 20 members of our family killed and another 25 under the rubbles of the house.

20-Power Transistors destroyed in the northern area.

21-Artillary shell kills a child, Merwan Ubaid, in Abasan town east of Kgan yonis.

22-Around 25 houses damaged due to artillery shells in Rafah City.

23-A house for Al alool family destroyed at Bait Lahia twon.

24-Five wounded in a rocket hit Khoza'a family.

25-Heavy bombings in the agricultural and farms in the northern areas.

26-A woman from Ghomaida family killed and her husband wounded in the northern
areas of Gaza.

27-Mass bombings in Al shijaya area and many wounded and arrived at Al Shifa' hospital.

28-Rockets targeted a house in Al Sheikh Ridwan and 5 wounded, one in critical conditions.

29- Psychiatrists: thousands of children turned traumatized due to the ongoing bombings.

30-Palestinian militants fire 30 rockets into the Israeli settlements.

31-Rockets hit the main Market of Gaza with heavy F116s rockets.


Please stay well and safe, young man, and may God watch over you.