Friday, January 2, 2009

Coming to Gaza's Aid

What, it isn't the compassionate U.S.A. with floating naval hospitals all over the place?

Iran to Aid Gaza

"Iran to set up hospital near Gaza

Fri, 02 Jan 2009 05:19:50 GMT

Women, children are victims of Israeli raids on Gaza.
Iran is to set up a field hospital near the Gaza Strip in Egypt as the death toll from Israeli raids stands at 420, Iran's Red Crescent Society says.

"Iranian diplomats are trying to reach an agreement (with Egyptian officials) for setting up a hospital," said Masoud Khatami, head of Iran's Red Crescent Society on Thursday.

A large number of Iranian doctors, nurses and aid workers have volunteered to go to the Gaza Strip to treat the wounded, Khatami said, adding that the Islamic Republic stands ready to offer medical treatment to injured Palestinians who arrive in Iran.

Iran has loaded 2000 tons of food, fuel and medicine onto a ship now en route to Gaza. The country has also sent several consignments of humanitarian aid to the Strip via Egypt.

Israel's six-day non-stop bombardments of Gaza have left more than 420 dead and at least 2000 wounded - including women and children.