Friday, January 16, 2009

Call Israel's Army

"Help Gaza and Call 1-800-DEATH-FROM-ABOVE Now !

If you would like to help the Palestinians in Gaza, please call the “Death from Above” number published by the Israeli murders in leaflets dropped on Gaza, or Email them at the address included in these leaflets.

Call 00 972 2 583 9749 (Number is in Israel, phone charges apply)

or Email:

Tell them what you think about their campaign of genocide, and send them LOTS of Emails.

The flyer (see picture) is a call by the Israeli military to snitch on each other. A translation of the flyer follow:


IDF FlyerBe responsible about your future!

The people who shoot missiles and the terrorist groups are a threat to you and your families!

If you would like to do a favour to yourself and your brothers in Gaza, all you must do is to call the number below and say where are the rocket launchers and the terrorist gangs which made you hostage to their operations.

To prevent a disaster is now in your hands! Do not hesitate!!

We welcome any information you may have - you do not need to give personal details about yourself. Privacy is guaranteed.

You may call us at this number: 02 583 9749

Or write us at the Email address:

to give us information about the terrorists.

Note: For your security, please be sure to keep any contact with us secret.

(signed) The headquarters of the israeli genocidal forces.

If you contact them, why have any shame to tell them whatever you like? Do they shame to murder, pillage, destroy, starve, terrorize, kill children in their sleep, steal, shell hospitals and the UN, lie, lie, lie ? So, now have fun with this murderous filth, and never forget that the real terrorists are sitting in the Olmert cabinet and in the Israeli army headquarters!