Saturday, January 10, 2009

AmeriKa's MSM Puts on Their Reporter's Hats

"Should America's Media Be Required To Wear Their Hats To Work?

Style: 1014 "Tel Aviv Hat"Material: Fur FeltBrim: 3" Bound EdgeCrown: 4 1/2" Center DentBand: 3/4" Grograin BandColors: BlackSizes: 6 1/2, 6 5/8 Price: $87.50

I don't know about you but every time Apartheid Israel decides to blow the living shit out of one of its neighbors, I can't help but detect a certain bias on the part of our main stream news media. Now I know what you thinking. Here LWB goes again talking about the Jewishness of our media. Every one of course knows that this is just an anti-Semitic canard espoused by bigoted types. But before you go getting hysterical on me check out what the Jewish folks over at Muzzle Watch have to say about our Corporate Media.

Although no news to readers here, on top of the war crimes committed against the people of Gaza, once again, we are treated to the journalistic crimes of the US media. Led by the paper of record, the NY Times, we get sanitized photos, headlines like, “Despite Strikes, Israelis Vow to Soldier on”. This is in stark contrast to Haaretz (arguably Israel’s paper of record) which has reported a range of opinions and news perspectives, where people like Amira Hass and Gideon Levy get page space along with the typical range of less critical voices. Per the usual, to get a sense of the real horror, readers need to go to multiple sources, such as Al Jazeera, the Guardian UK, etc.

Wow! These Jews think if we want the truth we need to go to Arab or Commie media in order to get it, especially on things like Israel's murderous attack on Gaza. No shit. If my cable company would take back Fox News and CNN in exchange for Al Jazeera, I'd trade in a heart beat. Then I might actually know what in the hell was going on and why. But everything in American media seems to go through some sort of Zionist filter, after which, all that comes out is refined horse shit that no sentient being should believe. This filter may also explain why so few Americans are familiar with the names Rosen and Weissman or Dominick Suter.

Now I am not complaining about cable news' endless parade of talking heads, experts, writers, producers, network presidents, owners, etc. with German-Jewish sounding names (although even I'm starting to wonder who it was that Hitler killed). I would just like the ability to make a reasonable judgement about the objectivity of those providing news to me. Lets face it. The Jews seem to be a close knit group with tens of thousands of interrelated Jewish organizations doing God knows what. They even have charities that work to keep their children from assimilating with mongrels like you and me. I probably don't need to tell you this but many of these organizations seem to really love Israel. Although I'm sure many of our Jewish media types would sniff at the suggestion that they may not be objective when reporting on certain matters, based on the coverage that I and the Jews over at Muzzle Watch have noticed, a presumption of objectivity is no longer reasonable. Some of our media Jews are also quite stealth. Like this week Jon Stewart revealed that David Gregory was Jewish. Who knew? Because Jews are Caucasians like me, it is sometimes difficult to determine which newscasters religious delusions may differ from my own. The extent that they love Apartheid Israel is also not immediately obvious.

So that there will be no further question in the future about the objectivity of our media, in fact, or in appearance, I am calling for Jewish media employees and owners, to wear their head ware to work. This only seems fair.


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