Friday, August 31, 2007

Waziristan's Real Rulers

I find it quite interesting that the New York Times makes no mention of this, although they have a huge spread on Shariff's return:

"Pakistan troops ambushed by Taliban fighters" By Griff Witte/Washington Post August 31, 2007

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan - In an audacious display of force, Taliban fighters yesterday ambushed a convoy of military vehicles in a remote tribal area and took more than 100 Pakistani troops hostage, military and local officials said.

[No wonder Pakistan's Army doesn't like to go in there!]

The convoy of more than a dozen vehicles was traveling between two towns in the South Waziristan area, near the Afghan border, when it was overtaken by fighters, officials said.

Zulfiqar Mehsud, a purported Taliban spokesman: "Our group has surrounded and disarmed the convoy of Pakistani soldiers and they have been made hostages."

Mehsud, who said the troops had been taken to "our prisons," blamed the government for violating a pledge not to send soldiers into the area. He said the Taliban had meticulously planned the ambush.

Local officials announced a jirga, or tribal assembly, for today to try to resolve the hostage standoff. Just two days ago, the same group that was believed to be responsible for yesterday's kidnappings freed 18 soldiers after a deal brokered by tribal elders.

[What? I hadn't heard about that!

Funny how the MSM press has hidden the fight after Musharaff has "cracked down," isn't it reader?

Means they are hiding dead and losing a war, huh?]