Thursday, August 30, 2007

Israel's Insult

These lying shitstinks would never apologize for anything.

What a bunch of lying, land-stealing, NaZionist weasels!

"3 Gaza children die in Israeli attack on rocket launchers" by Ibrahim Barzak/Associated Press August 30, 2007

BEIT HANOUN, Gaza Strip -- Three young Palestinian cousins were killed yesterday in Gaza in what the Israeli Army said was an attack on rocket launchers aiming at southern Israel. The Israeli Army said it spotted figures handling rocket launchers in northern Gaza and attacked them. Witnesses confirmed rocket launchers were in the area.

[Witnesses? What witnesses?

Well, that is a bald-faced fucking NaZionists lie!

Eyewitnesses and medical sources said that there were no gunmen or rocket launchers at the scene."

The Israeli military said it "wishes to express sorrow" for the "use of teenagers in terror attacks."

[What a bunch of disgusting liars!

We apologize for you making us kill your kids, Palestinians.

No wonder everyone despises the shitstink state now.


Fuck that shitty little murdering stinkstate!!!!]

The army in the past has accused militants of using children to collect rocket launchers after they are fired, but it did not say the children killed yesterday were directly involved.

The area that was hit in Gaza is populated by civilians and is frequently used by Palestinian militants to launch rocket attacks on Israel. The army said 92 rockets and 118 mortar shells have fallen in Israel in the past month.

[And how much hardware has Israel laid on them, shit-spewing Zionist organ?

Fucking bias
is unbelievable!!]

The three dead were identified as 10-year-old Mahmoud Ghazal, 10-year-old Sara Ghazal, and 12-year-old Yehiya Ghazal, Palestinian officials said.


Another fucking NaZionists lie!!!

Aren't you sick of these money-grubbing, land-stealing, blood-sucking leeches, Amurka?

Or do you just like eating Zionist diarrhea?]

Wasfi Ghazal, a relative: "We are victims of the [Israeli] occupation and victims of the misconduct of fighters who have randomly chosen our area to target Israel."

[Except there were no fighters, and there were no rocket launchers!]

Chief Palestinian peace negotiator Saeb Erekat condemned the killing of the children, predicting violence would breed more violence: "This will add to the complexities and feed the fire."

Taher Nunu, a spokesman for Gaza's Islamic militant Hamas rulers, said the attack after the Olmert-Abbas meeting "reaffirms Israel's aggressive intentions," He called on Abbas to stop meeting Olmert.


Many Palestinian civilians have been killed in past Israeli attacks aimed at militants. The most serious attack was Nov. 8, 2006, when 18 civilians, including eight children, were killed by Israeli shells. Israel announced a halt to shelling in Gaza after that.

At their summit on Tuesday, Olmert and Abbas tackled for the first time the core issues that have scuttled decades of peace efforts: Palestinian refugees, final borders, and the fate of Jerusalem. But both sides said they did not discuss details.


Here's the plan, dumb-dumb Palestinians:

Isolate and invade Gaza, destroy Hamas and seize for a Greater Zion.

Then destroy Fatah and take the West Bank, too!

Don't you get it, Palestinians?]

Here is the New York Times take on the events (in a World Brief):

"Gaza: Israeli Gunfire Kills 3 Children.... A 10-year-old Palestinian girl and two boys, 10 and 12, were killed by Israeli fire in northern Gaza. In a statement, the Israeli Army said that it had fired at rocket launchers in the area. Separately, the Israeli deputy prime minister, Haim Ramon, said that Israel had offered several months ago to release 450 Palestinian prisoners in exchange for Cpl. Gilad Shalit, the Israeli soldier seized in June 2006 during a Hamas-led raid inside Israel but that the Egyptian-brokered talks broke down because of disagreement over which prisoners would be released. At an event for Corporal Shalit’s 21st birthday on Monday, his father, Noam, accused Israeli leaders of “a clear and utter failure of the system” in his son’s case (New York Times August 30, 2007)."

[Nothing like hiding Israel's crimes and pushing their agenda for them!]