Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Papers and the Blogs

I just wanted to say how jolting and discouraging it is to do a blog scan first, then realize how skewed the papers are.

I'm discouraged, folks, I'm sorry.

I really get tired of the bullshit, while the peril of the world is at hand.

I am sick of seeing conventional lies repeated and repeated day-after-day, as if I did not read the papers daily, etc.

The condescending manner in which the stinkshit elites operate and report the "news" is a real drag.

That's why I wish they would quit hassling the young beauty.

Is it her fault her country and its "academia" have failed America?

(I don't like criticism of the harlots and strumpets because I always ask myself what Jesus would think?

He asked us not to debase the harlots, but celebrate them instead.

And then there was something about throwing stones at glass houses, MSM?

Last time I checked, it was JUDY MILLER'S LIES on the FRONT PAGE of the N.Y. Times that led us to this disastrous and murderous war in Iraq.

NOT Ms. South Carolina.

So cut her a break and give her a hug, and then admit YOUR ERRORS, stinkshit media!!!!

I'll wait! Hello? Hello?