Wednesday, September 26, 2007

MSM War Coverage

I second the motion!!!

"Bring antiwar rallies to the fore

When General David Petraeus and President Bush spoke about the war in Iraq, it was front page news. When Americans rallied in a march in Washington on Sept. 15 to voice their opinions about the war, the article was on Page A18 in the Sunday Globe ("Thousands march in antiwar protest," Sept. 16).

Do you know what it takes to mobilize thousands of people? People from California drove for days; people from Florida took trains; people from the Midwest flew in. New Englanders rode in buses all Friday night to get to Washington by Saturday morning. We were veterans; we were young people; we were middle-aged; we were in wheelchairs and with strollers. We marched peaceably from the White House to the Capitol. What was one of the highlights of your article? The number of people arrested.

Someday, when we look back at this dreadful time in US history, one of the questions will be: Why did the people let it happen for so long? You add to the apathy by minimizing the efforts of those who engage in changing the course of this unnecessary war.

Rita McCarthy
Lexington (Boston Globe September 26 2007)."

Of course, we all know why the Zionist-controlled press does what they do, don't we, readers?