Friday, September 28, 2007

Mahmoud and the Jews

He certainly must know them, since he has sat down and met with them:

"Mahmoud Knows Jews" by Patrick Grimm September 27, 2007

If you are still dumb enough to get your news from the mainstream corporatist Jewish-as-ritual-murder-media, then you are really asking to have your brain pickled and what’s left of your intellect mugged, aren’t you? Never in my life have I seen a more one-sided presentation of a foreign leader’s visit to the United States. Then, as usual, on all the 24-7 news channels, CNN (Cabbala News Network) and FNC (Fox Neo-Con Channel) did their dutiful worst to portray this man, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as a Hitler reincarnation, come back to avenge the Jews who have now bled Germany dry and destroyed her equilibrium and pride as a nation.

First, the Iranian President was treated like a sub-human by the head of Columbia University, Lee Bollinger, before he even got to approach the podium. Bollinger then ambled onto CNN dressed like a cheap lawyer running a practice from the back of a store. He was a mess and in need of a good haircut and for someone to teach him the basics in tying a half Windsor knot in a necktie. The fact that he went on television like this was a disgrace to his title. I don’t generally comment on how a person looks, but what a slob this Jew-worshipping aide to world Zionism is. I don’t know if he had been throwing back the high-balls or what before he stumbled in front of a camera, but perhaps somebody should have cleaned him up a little bit first. Columbia is a disgrace in so many ways, and Bollinger only further lowers the ante.

I watched with rapt interest as President Ahmadinejad spoke at the United Nations, and other than the occasional naïve platitude or utopian sentiment, I thought his speech was excellent. What bothers our Jewish arbiters, usurpers and anti-loyalists so much is not his supposed “anti-American rhetoric.” In fact, he had compliments for the American people and saved his critiques for our disgraced President and his failed policies in the Middle East. Thankfully, most of our citizens probably would second these sentiments if they came from any other source.

Why do the Jews at the Cabbala News Network and the Fox Neo-Con Channel need to dehumanize this man so much, even though he certainly came off better than “I’m a Jew-wannabe” Lee Bollinger, a man hooked on the Jew multi-culti, hate whitey, love your local Jewry reel-to-reel? The reason Iran’s President must be turned into a non-person in the same way Jews have turned Henry Ford, Charles Lindbergh, Ezra Pound and many other great heroes into media “nothings” is simple. They name the Jew, they name the “Controversy of Zion” as Douglas Reed calls it, and they refuse to go along with Jewish power. And not to confuse the issue, it is most Jews who are part of the problem, and the ones who oppose the ancient anti-Gentile, anti-humanity, anti-progress stratagems of their conspiring brethren are few, their numbers negligible, their impact nil. That needed to be cleared up pronto. I feel better now.

Ahmadinejad’s speech sounded in spots like those old “family values” stumps, yet without the language of opportunism and the triangulation that takes place on both sides and with more thoughtfulness than is usually present in politics. He stated:

Dear friends and colleagues, as you are all aware, mankind is currently facing important, numerous and diverse challenges and I will refer to some of them.

One, organized attempts to destroy the institution of family and to weaken the status of women. Family is the most sacred and valuable human institution that serves as the center of the purest mutual love and affection amongst mothers, fathers and children, and as a safe environment for the nurturing of human generations and a fertile ground for the blossoming of talents and compassion.

This institution has always been respected by all peoples, religions and cultures. Today, we are witnessing an organized invasion by the enemies of humanity and plunderers to destroy this noble institution that is targeted by promoting lewdness, violence and by breaking the boundaries of chastity and decency.

The precious existence of women, as the manifestation of divine beauty and as the peak of kindness, affection and purity has been the target of heavy exploitation in recent decades by the holders of power and the owners of media and wealth.

In some societies, this beloved human has been reduced to a mere instrument of publicity and all the boundaries and protective shields of chastity, purity and beauty have been trampled. This is a colossal betrayal of human society, of succeeding generations and an irreparable blow to the pillar of social coherence, the family. [1]

Can anyone say “JEWISH HOLLYWOOD” and “JEWISH MEDIA”? What else could the Iranian leader have been referring to when he says women have been “the target of heavy exploitation in recent decades by the holders of power and the owners of media and wealth”? It sounds like he is pointing the finger at Sumner Redstone and Rupert Murdoch in this passage.

But read on for the most honest and courageous words of his speech. “The era of darkness will end. Prisoners will return home. The occupied lands will be freed. Palestine and Iraq will be liberated from the domination of the occupiers. And the people of America and Europe will be free of the pressures exerted by the Zionists.” For this truth, these moderately-phrased lines, the Zionist media Jews, the neo-conservative intellectual dilettantes are rattling their sabers once more. “Ahmadinejad is the new Hitler! Oy freaking vey! It’s 1933 all over again!” Irving’s little boy, Willy Kristol will cry and Norman Podhoretz, a man who has no love for the country he lives in, guarantees us all “Bush will attack Iran before he leaves office!” He would know, wouldn’t he?

Yes, Mr. Ahmadinejad is right, and is the only world leader who seems to have nothing to lose in calling the Zionist Jewish enemy onto the carpet. “The people of America and Europe will be free of the pressures exerted by the Zionists.” This is pressure which strangles, cutting off the windpipe, even sometimes ripping out the trachea if need be. We (anti-Zionists) know it. Mahmoud knows it. The American people are learning it. The Europeans are yawning at the tired replayed reality of it. The Israelis are rubbing their hands over it and oiling up the agitprop, but keeping the gas masks on hand anyhow (New Holocaust is always imminent, you see).

But Holocaust fairy-taling and Jewish media alchemy are never in short supply. The “abracadabra” of “Hitler”, “1933”, “a new Final Solution” and every other black art magic phraseology they can exploit will be used by the Jewids. Their wizardry and pageantry and theatrics know no bounds and are never tempered by a flicker of conscience, propriety, self-consciousness or shame. “Give ‘em the old razzle dazzle!” the Jews who have stolen our media cry. “Stun and stagger ‘em!” And the ‘razzle dazzle’ always consists of blurring the issue, incorporating demonology into newscasts and commentary on an “unbiased” panel, which usually is made up of three Zionist Jews and then one Gentile nodding his head in agreement for fear of being the lone “anti-Semite” who becomes the victim of a fast-talking Jew verbal pile-on.

Cut through the fog, the smoke and mirrors, the controversy, both about Zion and Iran’s President and narrow this down to the crux, the nub of the issue. Why do they hate him? A simple three word answer will suffice. “Mahmoud knows Jews.” Why do they want to silence him? “Mahmoud knows Jews.” Why do the neo-cons want to bomb his country into rubble and kill his people? “Mahmoud knows Jews.” Why is Iran not allowed to have nukes in the first place? “Mahmoud knows Jews.”

So say what you want about this controversial leader, but he knows his subject matter well. That is why he is only portrayed as a caricature, a homicidal stereotype of what the “new anti-Semitism” looks like by the kvetchers carping over seltzer and bagels in the Cabbala Newsers or the Fox Neo-Conners board rooms. Yes, the Jews have poisoned the well, so-to-speak, once again, only this time it’s the media wellspring rather than the drinking supply of the Palestinian people in Gaza. What the Jews can’t poison is the groundswell of anger, fury and discontentment, all pointed in their direction like a weapon ready for firing, or to put it in Jewspeak, ready to ejaculate.

Yes, “Mahmoud knows Jews” and so do we. In fact, we know them so well that their bitching and whining is old hat, but dangerously, new fodder for war, food for the Jewish death god, for murder and for a “clash of civilizations” that they must dream about late nights at the American Enterprise Institute, spinning the globe and deciding who must die next for their ambitions. Of course, they’ve never seen the inside of a Sherman tank, only a thinking one and you can be sure their kids are not going to be dismembered for Israel. Ours will and Iran’s will, if neo-con-Jew-willing, we go to war. To prevent this we must insure that all of America’s people come to know Jews with as much familiarity and distaste as our anti-Zionists and Iran’s outspoken leader do.


Man, did he nail the AmeriKan MSM to a T!

Here is one American citizen who has woken up to the parasites!

I used sympathize with Jewish suffering and LOVED JEWS.

Not so much anymore.

I only love GOOD JEWS now, not NaZionist pieces of shit!