Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Culture of Death: Poisoning Children

If this doesn't take the cake, and put the shame to our mass-murdering, poisoning government, I don't know what will.

"Vaccine Compound Is Harmless, Study Says, as Autism Debate Rages" by GARDINER HARRIS

Yet another study has found that a controversial vaccine preservative appears to be harmless. But the study is unlikely to end the increasingly charged debate about vaccine safety.

The study examined whether thimerosal a mercury-containing vaccine preservative that was almost entirely eliminated from childhood vaccines by 2002 — is associated with neurological or certain psychological problems in children ages 7 to 10.

Some parents’ groups and prominent legislators contend that thimerosal has caused an epidemic of childhood autism. Several studies have examined this question and found no evidence that thimerosal is associated with autism.

The most recent study did not assess thimerosal’s association with autism directly. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is conducting a separate autism and thimerosal study that is expected to be published next year.

In this study, published yesterday in The New England Journal of Medicine, researchers from the C.D.C. and several managed-care organizations subjected 1,047 children to 42 neurological and psychological exams, which included I.Q. tests, how well children recalled a list of names and whether they could repeat the names backward, their manual dexterity, and whether they stuttered or had tics.

[A GOVERNMENT STUDY, huh? Yeah, you are safe.

Right, if you believe this lying, shithole, mass-murdering, false-flagging government, yes, sir!


The researchers also took detailed medical histories to determine whether the subjects’ mothers were exposed to thimerosal while pregnant, and how much thimerosal the children were exposed to in their first seven months of life.

[Pumping the kids and mommies full of the poisonous shit, 'eh?]

After subjecting the data to nearly 400 different statistical measures, researchers found — 19 different possible associations between thimerosal and various mental outcomes -- most of which suggested that thimerosal was actually beneficial."

[You get that, reader?


INSANE!! Do they think we are COMPLETELY STOO-PID out here?!

This is IN-YOUR-FACE-LAUGHING-AT-YOU people!!! You just gonna take it?]

Researchers largely dismissed these associations as statistical flukes.

[19 of 'em?]

The lone worrisome result was that, among boys, the study found an association between thimerosal and tics, which are involuntary movements or sounds. At least one earlier study had found a similar association.

Dr. Anne Schuchat, director of the National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases at the C.D.C. said that researchers had made no distinction between transitory tics — those that soon disappear and are not considered clinically important — and permanent, serious or disfiguring tics.

Dr. Jeffrey Baker, a pediatrician and vaccine expert who is director of the history of medicine program at Duke University, said that the study’s findings should be reassuring for parents.

“This study will further strengthen a growing consensus among researchers that there is no real evidence that thimerosal in vaccines led to any actual harm,” Dr. Baker said.

[Yeah, us mad doctors say it's safe, so hold out your arm and let me see a vein.

FUCK YOU, you fucking monstrous sickos!]

But Sallie Bernard, executive director of SafeMinds, a nonprofit parent organization whose members contend that thimerosal injured their children, said the study was inconclusive. Ms. Bernard served on a board of consultants that helped design and oversee the study, but she withdrew her support for the published version of the study, saying its conclusions were not supported by the underlying data.


“There are some red flags here,” Ms. Bernard said.

Nearly 5,000 families have filed claims with the federal government contending that vaccines caused their children to become autistic. Even if the government dismisses their claims, many families have vowed to continue their fight in the courts.

Since thimerosal’s removal from vaccines, there has been no evidence that autism is on the decline."

"No link between vaccine mercury, neurological woes, study says" by Alicia Chang/Associated Press September 27, 2007

LOS ANGELES - A mercury-based preservative once used in many vaccines does not raise the risk of neurological problems in children, concludes a large federal study that researchers say should reassure parents about the safety of shots their children received a decade or more ago.

[Yeah, no problem here. Back to sleep, Amurka.

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The study, however, did not examine autism - the developmental disorder that some critics blame on vaccines. A separate study due out in a year will look at that issue, said scientists who led the latest analysis. The results, from the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, were published in today's New England Journal of Medicine.

They found no clear link between early exposure to the preservative thimerosal and problems with brain function and behavior in children ages 7 to 10. The results are in line with past research that found no connection between vaccines and neurological problems or autism.

[So the lying, murdering government says!]

Thimerosal has not been used in childhood vaccines since 2001, although it is still in some flu shots. The new findings apply to children immunized before then or exposed to the preservative through shots their mothers received while pregnant. Thimerosal was put in vaccines to prevent contamination from bacteria.

Some doctors say the CDC study should reassure parents worried about the safety of vaccines.

"It's good news for families," said Dr. Michael Goldstein, vice president of the American Academy of Neurology who works in private practice in Salt Lake City. "There's no evidence that these vaccines have caused injury."

['specially when you ain't lookin' for it!]

The study involved 1,047 children who were exposed to varying levels of thimerosal while in the womb or after birth in the 1990s. The children belonged to four health maintenance organizations that are part of a federal project to study the side effects of vaccines. Their mercury exposure was determined through medical and immunization records and interviews with parents.

Each child was tested for speech and language skills, motor coordination, and intelligence. A total of 42 neurological problems were analyzed.

On balance, researchers did not find a consistent pattern between increasing thimerosal exposure and the risk of these problems. They said one finding merited further study: Boys exposed to higher mercury levels seemed to have more tic problems - a link seen in previous research."

[They injected us with MERCURY -- and SAID it is GOOD for us!!!!