Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Ahmadinejad at the U.N.

Before reading the Times' slander of Ahmadinejad, there are simply some pictures you must see!!

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"Iran President Vows to Ignore U.N. Measures" by WARREN HOGE

UNITED NATIONS, Sept. 25 — Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the president of Iran, said Tuesday that he considered the dispute over his country’s nuclear program “closed” and that Iran would disregard the resolutions of the Security Council, which he said was dominated by “arrogant powers.”

In a rambling and defiant 40-minute speech to the opening session of the General Assembly, he said Iran would from now on consider the nuclear issue not a “political” one for the Security Council, but a “technical” one to be decided by the International Atomic Energy Agency, the United Nations’ nuclear watchdog.

Mr. Ahmadinejad’s assertion that the matter belonged with the nuclear agency indicated his preference to work with Mohamed ElBaradei, its director.

Dr. ElBaradei has been at odds with Washington, and some European powers, who have accused him of meddling in the diplomacy by seeking separate accords with Iran, and in their eyes undercutting the Security Council resolutions.

“Today because of the resistance of the Iranian nation, the issue is back to the agency, and I officially announce that in our opinion, the nuclear issue of Iran is now closed and has turned into an ordinary agency matter,” Mr. Ahmadinejad said. A senior Bush administration official said after the address that the only person who thought that the issue was closed was Mr. Ahmadinejad.

[Just leave it in the hands of the IAEA, you monsters!!]

Without mentioning the United States by name, Iran's president used his speech to carry out a full-scale assault on the country as power-mad and godless. He said its leaders "openly abandoned morality" and act with "lewdness, selfishness, enmity, and imposition in place of justice, love, affection, and honesty."

The American delegation seats were empty as the Iranian president spoke, leaving only a note-taker to listen to the speech, which occurred just hours after President Bush had spoken from the same podium about the need for nations to live up to the rights guaranteed by the United Nations.

[Yeah, they disrespected the man again!!

After he sat and listened to Bush!

I am embarrassed by the manners and conduct of my nation!]

In a barely disguised barb, Mr. Ahmadinejad asserted, “Unfortunately human rights are being extensively violated by certain powers, especially by those who pretend to be their exclusive advocates.”

Mr. Ahmadinejad’s declaration that the nuclear issue was closed comes just as the Bush administration is seeking to turn up the pressure on the country, both through the United Nations Security Council and in concert with European powers.

“In the last two years,” the Iranian president said, “abusing the Security Council, the arrogant powers have repeatedly accused Iran and even made military threats and imposed illegal sanctions against it.”

In recent weeks, American and French officials have described an emerging strategy of broadening the number of banks, mostly in Europe, that have refused to lend new capital to Iran, making it difficult for the country to invest in new oil facilities or other infrastructure.

“We want more banks, and now suppliers, to assess the risk” of dealing with Iran, Stephen J. Hadley, President Bush’s national security adviser, said in a meeting on Tuesday with editors and reporters of The New York Times.

The issue now, he said, is “at what point the regime, or elements of the regime, say ‘this policy is taking us into a ditch.’”

[Yeah, by making them all suffer! Great!]

Administration officials insist that despite Mr. Ahmadinejad’s high profile in New York this week, he is being marginalized at home. If true, it makes it hard to assess whether he was speaking for the rest of the Iranian leadership with his declaration.

[Gee, you press types sure made it seem that way!

Like Ahmadinejad was representing the entire Persian nation!


Only last month, Iran’s leaders reached an agreement with Dr. ElBaradei to answer questions that nuclear inspectors have been raising for years about possible connections between Iran’s nuclear program and military projects. Inspectors are in Iran this week, seeking further answers to questions that Iran has refused to discuss.

[Like what?

The IAEA knows that the enrichment levels are only 3-5% -- NOT the 90% they need for a bomb!!!]

But even if Iran answers all the outstanding questions, it could still be in violation of the Security Council resolutions. Those resolutions call on the country to cease enriching uranium.

[Even though they are legally entitled to power production (at the same time we squeeze them economically).

What would WE do, reader?

We'd be looking for INDEPENDENT power sources, too!!!!]

The enrichment has continued, though not yet on a scale large enough to produce a bomb’s worth of material in the near future. Mr. Hadley refused to speculate on how much time the United States and its allies had to stop the program before Iran had enough material to manufacture a weapon.

[NO THREAT, folks!!!!

So WTF is with our mass-murdering leaders and their NaZionist masters?!!]

Mr. Ahmadinejad, as he has in the past, argued that Iran’s nuclear program was solely for civilian purposes and fell within the legal requirements of the atomic energy agency.

The Security Council powers believe that Iran’s real purpose is to build nuclear weapons, and it has backed up that conviction with two resolutions and economic sanctions against the Tehran government.

Britain, China, France, Russia and the United States, the permanent members of the Security Council, have been holding meetings in various capitals this fall to see if sterner measures are needed to gain compliance.

France’s president, Nicolas Sarkozy, told the General Assembly in a speech earlier Tuesday that allowing Iran to build a bomb would be an “unacceptable risk to stability in the region and in the world.”

He said the Security Council should not relax its guard while it continued to negotiate with Tehran. “Firmness and dialogue go hand in hand,” he said. “And I weigh my words carefully.”

[Bush's NEW Bliar!!]

"There will be no peace in the world if the U.N. falters in the face of nuclear proliferation," Mr. Ahmadinejad said. “The decisions by the United States and France are not important. What is important is that our nuclear program is within the rules of the I.A.E.A. and our program as such will continue.”

Mr. Ahmadinejad accused these powers of "setting up secret prisons, abducting persons, trials and secret punishments without any regard to due process, extensive tapping of telephone conversations, intercepting private mail.”

In answer to questions at a news conference about having proposed the extinction of Israel, he said he was instead proposing a referendum of all people living in the Palestinian territories and Israel, which he referred to as the “illegal Zionist regime” to see what their choice of country would be.

He said countries had been eliminated peaceably before, and he cited the case of the Soviet Union.

“What befell the Soviet Union?” he said. “It disappeared, but was it done through war? No. It was through the voice of the people.”

[Oh, so he DIDN'T MEAN war and destruction!!!


That's what "off the map" means!

Is there a Soviet Union on today's maps, reader?

So Ahmadinejad is talking about DEMOCRACY!

Real democracy, not a RACIST, GENOCIDAL JEWISH STATE!!!]

Asked by an Israeli journalist about the possibility that Iran was helping Syria acquire nuclear knowledge, he said, “Next question.”

Mr. Ahmadinejad was not alone in attacking the United States. So did Daniel Ortega, the president of Nicaragua. Saying that Washington’s actions against Iran were like those of “God telling people what is good and bad,” he proposed that the countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America join him in a march against the forces of “global capitalist imperialism.”

[Or against the Anti-Christ, as the case may be]

Late Tuesday, Hugo Chávez, the outspoken Venezuelan president who called Mr. Bush a devil last year from the General Assembly podium, announced in Caracas that he was no longer planning to come to New York to deliver his country’s speech on Wednesday.

[Bush is DIABLO!]

He said instead that he planned to travel shortly to Saudi Arabia to defend the price of oil. “To $100,” said Mr. Chávez. “That is where we’re headed.”

[Gee, then I guess you will need to be invaded then, Hugo!]

"Sharp words at UN assembly" by Farah Stockman/Boston Globe September 26, 2007

NEW YORK - President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran boldly challenged Bush's portrayal of the United States as a defender of freedom. In his address to the assembly, Ahmadinejad blasted Bush for leading "an onslaught" of aggression against weaker nations around the world.

Without mentioning the United States by name, Ahmadinejad left little doubt of the target of his remarks, calling on "a bullying power" to "have the courage to declare their defeat and exit Iraq."

"Some big powers still behave like the victors of the world war and humiliate other nations," said Ahmadinejad, who was loudly applauded by representatives of developing countries. "These powers . . . have lost the competence to lead the world."

Such aggressive nations "use various pretexts to occupy sovereign states," Ahmadinejad said.

He lashed out at Bush for operating "secret prisons" in other countries and detaining suspects around the world indefinitely, "without any regard to due process."

Sharpening the focus of an already tense, highly-charged visit to the United States, he declared that the UN inquiry into whether Iran is developing nuclear weapons was "closed," suggesting that he does not fear additional UN Security Council sanctions that US officials promised.

Ahmadinejad's remarks appeared to raise the dispute over Iran's nuclear program.

[Only with USrael!]

Though Ahmadinejad's high-profile visit has made national headlines... President Nicolas Sarkozy of France, however, declared that Iran's potential acquisition of a nuclear weapon presents an "unacceptable risk" to world stability.

As the UN assembly adjourned yesterday... Ahmadinejad addressed a packed press conference at UN headquarters. In his interaction with reporters, Ahmadinejad was asked about a range of issues, including his view of homosexuals, Israel, and the treatment he received during his lecture Monday at Columbia University.

Ahmadinejad said he bore no grudge about the treatment:

"In my opinion, it wasn't hard. The meeting was widely welcomed by the students. Columbia University, its authorities, and officials need to practice a little more listening to other points of view and things they do not like to hear."

[What a CLASS individual -- as opposed to his AmeriKan counterparts!]

When asked to elaborate on his Monday remarks asserting that there are no homosexuals in Iran, Ahmadinejad said, "I don't know any . . . give me an address so we can be aware."

When a reporter from Fox news asked him to clarify his position on Israel, Ahmadinejad asked, "Where are you from?"

After the reporter answered "I'm an American citizen," Ahmadinejad laughed and turned his eyes heavenward before repeating his stated belief that Israel is an illegal occupying power of Palestinian land.

[Ha-ha-ha! He has a SENSE of HUMOR, too!

I'm sorry, but this guy is such a BETTER PERSON than our shithole leader!

Did you see the
pictures, reader?]

Ahmadinejad first declined to answer an Israeli journalist's question about whether he feared an Israeli strike on his nation's nuclear facilities. However, he later said, "They really want to hurt us, but with the support of God, they won't be able to."

[And not if we Americans deliver the Iranians love rather than bombs!]

Of course, the Globe calls him a distraction, then editorializes about him!

"The Ahmadinejad distraction...

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad scolded Columbia University President Lee Bollinger Monday for introducing him with insulting questions and comments. He answered a question about the recent execution of two gay men in Iran by saying, "In Iran, we don't have homosexuals like in your country." Then he got annoyed at students who laughed at that response. With the students chortling and booing him scornfully, the former Revolutionary Guard officer resorted to his favorite propaganda line: that his audience was misinformed. "In Iran we do not have this phenomenon," he said. "I don't know who's told you that we have it."

[Yup, slam, slam, slam, slam, from the "unbiased free press" of the West!

Does the shit AmeriKan MSM ever refer to Bush as the former draft-dodging, cocaine-addled alcoholic?


At that moment, the depth of Ahmadinejad's tragic-comic mendacity was evident. Caught in a preposterous fib, he sought to deflect attention by insinuating that unnamed malevolent forces were feeding the audience lies about his country.

[Yup, ONE COMMENT discredited him, according to the Globe.

Then LYING Bush must have WRITTEN a BOOK by now!!

So WHY HIS WORDS in the paper, shitters?]

Yet the laughter of the Columbia students was nothing compared with the reception he received last December from Iranian students at Amir Kabir University in Tehran. There, the students called him a "fascist president," shouting "death to the dictator" and booing him so energetically that he fled the campus.

[WTF? You shitters told me it was a closed-down, Islamofascist society?

Sure doesn't sound like it!!! Looks like it is FREER than AmeriKa!

Here, you get arrested for demonstrating like that.

Or imprisoned in a "free speech zone!!!"

So, QUIT LYING TO ME, shit MSM!!!!!!]

This is the reality in Iran, and it went unrecognized in the hysterical overreactions to Ahmadinejad's appearance at Columbia. At home, he is despised not only by students, reformers, and intellectuals, but also by the impoverished masses to whom he originally promised a share in Iran's oil profits. They suffer from inflation, a sharp increase in the subsidized price of gas, and high unemployment - while relatives and cronies of the ruling mullahs hide their millions in Dubai.

[Gee, this guy SOUNDS like Bush!!!!

And how could Ahmadinejad be another Hitler?

If anything, the description applies more to the mass-murder Bush!!!]

Regardless of his high profile, Ahmadinejad is not the decider in Iran. Despite his efforts to place like-minded hard-liners from the Revolutionary Guards in key positions, his authority is firmly circumscribed.

[Unlike Bush, who has a dictatorship going right now!!

All of a sudden, it now takes 67 U.S. senators to make any type of policy -- even if they are nothing more than non-binding resolutions condemning a newspaper add!


He does not make the decisions about Iran's nuclear program or other important matters in foreign policy. And there have been recent signs that Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, and clerical factions in the next circle of power, are intent on clipping Ahmadinejad's wings. In Iran's most recent manipulated elections - for local councils and for the clerical body that will choose the next Supreme Leader - Ahmadinejad's candidates were trounced.

[Oh, yeah, only they have RIGGED ELECTIONS!!

Take a look back home, Globe, if you want to see stolen elections.

Last three or four U.S. cycles, at least!!!!]

Ahmadinejad, who does more harm to Iranians than to Americans or Iran's neighbors, should not be a distraction from the crucial question of what to do about Iran's pursuit of nuclear weapons capability and its growing regional influence. The reality is that the United States and Iran share common allies in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as common enemies. If his predecessors were able to make beneficial deals with the Soviet Union and Maoist China, President Bush should be able to do the same with the Islamic Republic of Iran (Boston Globe September 26, 2007)."

[Except for Israel's commands!

So, Iran really should be OUR FRIEND -- except for one little shitstink state that runs U.S. foreign policy!!!

And if Ahmadinejad has no power and is a distraction, why all the shit coverage, MSM?!?!]