Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Won't You Sing Along With Me?

Me, me, me, me.


"A is for Altruism: the loftiest value I'm told; how quickly as an adult it appeared to be sold

B is for Bush: the evil aristocracts overseeing this turd; spoke of a New World Order, isn't that absurd?

C is for Compassion: told to practice towards others and mine; while authority did the opposite which was all fine.

D is for Devils: There are so many out there, don't get caught in the mire; wouldn't mind seeing them in a pit of fire.

E is for Equality: was striven for in large and small things; excepting economics, which have plenty of strings.

F is for False Flags: or FBI, which come in the same breath; for they are the instigators when you begin plumbing the depths.

G is for Gandhi: or God, it's the same; what can you say but what's in a name?

H is for Holocaust: and wouldn't you know; time to forget about the world's greatest show.

I is for Iraq: when the lies began to unravel; for that you need not have traveled.

J is for JFK: a brave man no doubt; why do you think they went and rubbed him out?

K is for Koran: a book under attack; it's what Zionists despise, don't you know that?

L is for Lord: please hear our prayers; could it possibly be he is sending a bear?

M is for MLK: he's one of the three that's all I can say; I consider him the greatest man of my day.

N is for 9/11: the shaping event of the 21st-century to date; looking back on it now it's a day that I hate.

O is for Opportunity: told to take advantage but not exploit; while war criminals told lies most adroit.

P is for Peace (and Palestine): the goal above all the others; for I have already seen too many weeping mothers.

Q is for Qui Bono: what it's all about; for when you ask that one question it leaves you no doubt.

R is for Rocker: that's me, the one typing this tome; I am only doing it because I love my home.

S is for Seder: I might as well say it because it's true; The United States government is controlled by the Jew.

T is for Truth: and thus back to 9/11; if that truth were spilled I'd be in heaven.

U is for Ululate: It's a Muslim cry, why not let out a scream?; The way I have written this sure feels like a dream.

V is for Victory: It is as clear as the cosmos, my friend; alas, there are those who will not see to the end.

W is for Wake Up From Your Slumber: Finally back which is why the post; I think all in all they are a mighty fine host.

X is for Xe: a war services firm once called Blackwater; give 'em a call if you are looking for slaughter.

Y is for Yarmulke: Part of the get-up, it's what they wear; I could never abide one for it musses my hair.

Z is for Zionist: At the bottom of everything, as we all knew; I 'm so sick of it all being for the Jew.

Now I know my ABZs, next time won't you sing with me?