Friday, May 28, 2010

Chasing a Running Rabbit

"Old News same as the New News: VIDEO: TWA Flight 800 Shot Down by Surface-to-Air Missile

Part 1 of 6
Part 2 of 6
Part 3 of 6
Part 4 of 6
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Part 6 of 6

Note: Obviously the FBI is THE PROBLEM - a criminal organization - obviously infiltrated and controlled completely. This tells me that Mueller needs to be fired or he needs to resign - depending on if he is an honest man or one of the filthiest of crooks.

The CIA - c'mon - we all know they are our undoing. No hope at all for those immoral murdering swine. Especially with the Poppy (as in Opium Poppy) George H.W. (read my lips no new taxes) Bush's name on the HQ of the murder factory. Murder Incorporated sounds really cool'n' shit in the movies - but in real life there are checks and balances, ups and downs, yin and yang - and payback.

When I see FBI involvement in ANYTHING I just tune out. Waste of time. Lies, deceit and cover-up.

When I see CIA involvement in ANYTHING I know I'm dealing with international bankers, Israel and drug-dealers. And I'm sorry - because I don't like giving drug dealers a bad name - POT NEEDS TO BE LEGALIZED. I'm talking about the stuff over in Afghanisan too. I'm also talking about the problems that come along with concentrating the stuff because you can't chew the natural product - the leaf of the Coca plant.

War on Drugs means war on YOU - your family - your savings - with police assault-rifles trained on you and your loved ones - to perpetuate the prison-educational-police-fatherland-fascist-media empire of liars, cheats and mass-media marketers of death, dispair and dictatorship - all in the name of "security." Does "contradiction" or "un-American" come to mind? Does "NAZI" come to mind? Does "jack-booted thug" come to mind? Does "SWAT raid on peaceful citizens growing a pot plant" come to mind?"

I hate all these oppressive liars.

It would be so nice to wake up tomorrow - and hear on the news that some bizarre form of lightning killed Glenn Beck, Laura Ingraham, Neil Boortz, Thom Hartmann, Rush Limbaugh, Wolf Blitzer (and Donder), Alan (fake lefty) Colmes, Rhandi Rhodes, Stephanie Miller (and the Eunuch Bible scholars she has giggling along with her) - BECAUSE the lies would instantly stop and America would begin the healing process. But I cannot, will not, and won't ever wish harm upon anyone because it is simply wrong. But...

The healing would begin, since our Corporate Media is PUBLIC ENEMY NUMBER ONE - an enemy standing in the way of ANY PROGRESS WHATSOEVER. No matter what citizens do - these are the architects of the fake image presented to the unwitting public that exists in a state of mind-controlled quivering denial. Without the persistent, tireless, droning lie-factory to keep the population hypnotized - healing could begin. I wish this weren't the case - but that's the reality as I see it. Is it against the law to wish all of these people would just keel over and fucking die? I wonder - because I don't - but perhaps it is better just to fantasize than actually murder American citizens; as the Executive branch of our government claims the right to do.

Can you imagine that? Murder American citizens in order to protect the unalienable rights of American citizens? Doublespeak or Triplespeak - that is the question. No wonder the public is at the brink of violent revolution. We have madmen running the government openly stating that they intend to MURDER AMERICAN CITIZENS WITHOUT TRIAL. We also have Senators, representing Israel, not the US Constitution, like Joseph I. Lieberman, pushing laws to strip ME OF MY CITIZENSHIP if he, "HOLY JOE LIEBERMAN," with the insight of the divine right of kings declares me a terrorist. Message to the masses - that dummy Lieberman cannot DEFINE "terrorist" - throw the whiny bitch out of office.

It's getting windy here - thunder and lightning - so I'm gonna' sign off before the internet goes out.

Maybe my dreams tonight will come true - and our media in America will once again perform its duty as the watchdogs, owls and ultimate truthseekers they are supposed to be. And if my dream really does come through - Glenn "shoot him in the head" Beck will still be alive and well - but no longer serving as the modern day Joseph Goebells he really is - as a shill for AIPAC.

Good night.