Monday, May 3, 2010

Pimping For the Racket

"To pimp for Zionism is a racket, ask anyone on Wall Street

by Divining the News (DTN)

To charge Goldman Sachs, surely is to attack the Judaica empire. It is hard to decipher. The Jews are still in control, so why and how is Sachs getting charged? Is there infighting amongst the Jewish power base? What about? It could only be about attacking Iran, or withdrawing (or expanding) the settlements. In the poker game of outsourcing the Anglo-Saxon world, the only stakes are the geostrategic goals, that is: conquering by way of war crimes. .

Wasn’t all the alleged deceit in profiting used for genocide against those Muslims who marry their cousins and forbid homosexuality and alcohol. Similarly don’t the billions in bonuses, after taking a cut, go towards enlarging Zionist control / warfare. The banking became another means of taxation. Which might explain why no figures of business voice opposition to the wars, there are no Bill Gates’ or Steve Jobs’ speaking out. Maybe Conrad Black did.

Perhaps the backlash is coming from the US military as Xymphora suggests, to regain America.

Any sane, rational or sensitive person would empathise with the victims of the wholesale genocidal slaughter of innocents. The Jews in control of the Jews (and everyone else) know that control of all finance and commerce is essential, at any price.

And that miserable objective is bringing tragedy to everyone. In the US and most of Europe it means control of the criminals, the justice system, and every deviant and pervert, not to mention the media and finance etc etc.
They kill and slaughter more than anyone, and punishment is all they know. Laying siege to individuals, peoples, nations and of course commercial companies. Judaism is on borrowed time, not because there is anything wrong with the religion, but because of the murderous policies that have gripped a few to lead the world in bloodletting....

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