Sunday, March 28, 2010

Rocker Blackjack

I have 21 followers on each side so deal 'em up!

Hole card: What's on my mind? The usual. The unending, ongoing wars that are obfuscated and distorted for one. But that's not new.

Hit me: Yeah, this health care thing. Never mind that it was a far cry from what we wanted; it was the way the MSM covered the filibuster fooley and the reconciliation ripoff. All this hot air for year when they knew what they were going to do all along. All this crap about Brown's election to fill Kennedy's chair and they run an end-around after getting a bill written for 60 pukes. Oh, yeah, I gave up on this government being in the "help the people business" a while ago. The endless lying and inability to listen sees to that.

Hit me again: Oh, yeah, seems Israel entered Gaza again yesterday in what could well be the opening salvo of what is eventually going to be WWIII. Scuttlebutt is America is getting ready to bomb and we all know for who and why. The propaganda is so redundant it makes one ill. LOOKS like IRAQ ALL OVER AGAIN, doesn't it? I damn the SoBs in advance because I won't be fooled again by any kind of false flag propaganda.

One more: Oh, busted, readers. Same as Israel whether it be its image or actions on 9/11 or since 1948.