Monday, March 15, 2010

Just Not Into It

Yup, new year, new decade, new president, no change.

Thus the lack of posts here lately. The fact is, Rocker is exhausted and this blog is full-up. I have over 15,000 posts here over a span of four years (with a full 25,000 out there over various other blogs that I maintain) and for what?

Well, you can keep writing about 9/11, right?

The fact is, after nearly 10 years if someone hasn't bothered to find out the truth about 9/11, they are not interested. Oh, I've dropped the name of web sites to plenty of people around here, but did they ever get back to me? No. They went right back into their ignorant bubble. Too busy, they say, as they lie on the couch watching crap serials and syndication that is pure fantasy, thinking that it's real. Nope, the game is on and pass me the sports section. No, I can't spare two hours on the computer; I'd rather roll over and fall asleep.

As with any problem, people need to want to help themselves. From what I see, America is finished. It's population is somnambulant and its heads have been filled with shit. Then I saw something to the effect that the Huffington Post took down one of Jesse Ventura's columns for questioning the official lie, 'er, version of 9/11. You can't even ask self-evident questions regarding the immutable laws of physics in questioning the official fable. And he is not even digging that deep.

You know, you look out on the world and it is still the same old shit. Israelis are grinding Palestinians into the ground on a daily basis and its covered up by the AmeriKan media, a wholly-owned subsidiary and servant of Zionist Israel. Ever notice they bash America more than Israel? Does that make sense for AmeriKan newspapers? How often do you see articles on Israeli torture? That is not to say mass-murdering missile strikes, etc, will be submerged. One almost senses a certain glee in their reports. What is far more disturbing and covered up to the fullest is the sex-slave syndicates and organ-harvesting operations Israel is running. Cat is out of the bag on that one, and it leads you to a dark place indeed.

And then there are the never-ending, always escalating wars the Obomber promised to end and the politics behind it all. That's why the media spends so much time on politics. It is the illusion of a say and effect of the voters when nothing really changes. The same interests get served, and the same people get screwed.

To be continued.....