Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The End is Here

"The end game before the bloodbath

Am not in the ruling elite, and I lack their ingenuity.

But given the growing discontent, and the finger pointing, it is surprising that our rulers persist in enlarging our warfronts. That is after all what is bankrupting us. There appears no concern at all for the common folk, as if we too are designated as victims.

Care not, do they. What drives them? What ball have they got their eye on?

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"The Event Horizon in the Rear View Mirror


The main thrust of the world’s economic system in these times is debt based. Putting someone into debt requires them to make accommodations. Very often these are accommodations they would not make if they were not in debt. The debt is created by loaning out money which is based on nothing and created out of thin air. This is the purpose of The Federal Reserve. Debt translates into political power and political power translates into control. It also translates into profit for those wielding it.

What all of this further translates into is slavery. You don’t see the chains and the whips. You don’t see the hobblings and the rape but they are operative and they are all debt based.

During the Second World War, certain banking families set up a scenario whereby a certain group of people would be able to derive exceptional victim status from a series of manipulated events. One of these banking families was the primary builder of the state of Israel. This group, upon their arrival in Palestine, drove 700,000 people into exile, stole their properties and lands and changed the names of their towns. They also killed thousands and thousands of these native inhabitants of this land they were not native to. This genocide continues to the present day and now includes things like targeted killings of innocent civilians for the purpose of harvesting body parts and the use of banned weapons on women and children.

The banking families and consortiums behind all of what has been mentioned in all respects so far are… the same. Their intention is world domination and global slavery of all the lower echelons....

These Satanic interests have gained control of 96% of the world media and this was accomplished by the possession of unlimited resources printed out of thin air by the same villains already mentioned.

Those with the power of control over what is presented through the engines of information can convey a sense of legitimacy and validity to anything they choose to present but these are all lies. They are all lies....

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"How much damage can Dubai do?

It won’t hurt Jewish control over the world economy.

But it could be devastating for the infiltrating of Arab regimes and revolutionary groups....

Jewish power relies on people turning against one another, on people not trusting each other, hence the barage of fear in the media, and the false flags....

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Israel is An Apartheid State and That is Why They are Losing Legitimacy

It's worse than that.


New birth defects seen in Gaza due to Israeli weapons