Saturday, March 6, 2010

A Long Hot Summer

"Get ready for Israeli Nukes

by Divining the News (DTN)

It seems Isreal can continue to oppress, provoke and ethnically cleanse the Palestinians, any opposition can be dealt with, even from outside Israel. Even if all the world chose to economically boycott Israel, it would not interfere in the fierce nationalism, anyway busting sanctions is as old as humanity.

But there is increasing talk of a war with Lebanon and or Syria and Iran. Such is the holistic mind, the drive for hegemony knows no limits. And all empires overeach.

There is no way Israel can withstand a “real” war. It would quickly resort to using Nuclear weapons. War crimes have anyway been the hallmark of the Zionists and their NeoCon allies.

Probably the World will react in an active way, and turn against Jews and Neocons in general. Israel would genuinely be seen as a menace to humanity. Once the Bankers are under attack the entire mercantile fiat money debt driven society would be under attack. No more AIPAC, no more lobbies, no more holocaust movies, probably something autocratic will appear, but it won’t be Jewish. Israel will have ended the Jewish century.

There is an awesome Israeli media frenzy against Israel’s Foreign Minister (Time to go, Lieberman , and Haaretz) the avowed racist, regardless of the reasons given, one wonders what the real truth is. He would happily use Nuclear weapons.

The Israelis have spent the last ten years miscalculating, underestimating their enemies and overestimating themselves. Maybe its going to be a hot summer....

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