Thursday, March 25, 2010

Listening to Rabbit Radio

I heard the same broadcast as the author did, and reacted much the same way.

"The New Strategy of the Fake Left Media

Yesterday I caught parts of the Thom Hartmann and Randi Rhodes radio shows on 1450 AM Charlottesville. As usual they agree on everything - but I listened to a little of each show as I ran my errands around town. What information of value did I gain from my time spent? Nothing.

Thom Hartmann's show consisted of fanning the embers of a racial war-fire, hoping the resulting flames with a little help from the news media would go in the direction of his fake enemy - the "right wing whackos" AKA "Teabaggers" whoever they are. My guess is that the "Teabaggers" are the same as Rush Limbaugh's "Libs" since you can never actually identify one. They always pop up at the perfect moment when a suitable punching bag, or scapegoat, is needed.

Thom read some inflammatory text about whitey beating a black man - then let the flood of calls on the issue pour in. As far as I am concerned, being out of work, I'm hoping a black man calls from one of the places I applied to so I can go to work. A dis-proportionate amount of time was spent on this subject, as the self-proclaimed Israel-firster (Thom said within the last 30 days on his show that he is a Zionist by definition) - as he ignored the expansion of war, the recent attacks on freedom of speech by Cass Sunstein, he ignored that Obombya has extended the USA Patriot Act, that Obombya is ignoring torture, that there is no Habeus Corpus anymore, that the Bill of Rights doesn't matter and on and on.

You see, Thom Hartmann's job is to fan the rage of the masses - hopefully you - and make hay because of remarks yelled during a "protest" - while never mentioning who yelled the "N-word" while the Healthcare thing was going on. With Sarah Palin the spokesmodel for the Tea Party movment and Glenn Beck making up a phony 9-12 movement (they were the ones doing the yelling I've heard) - how can't people see that this thing is probably a set-up? After all - if it DIDN'T happen the fake "progressive" media wouldn't have anything else to yell at their fake enemies "the Teabaggers" about since their agenda is exactly the same.

Their agenda is more proxy war for Israel - starring your kids. More radiation at the airports awaiting your kids - and the pedophiles that always come with pictures of naked kids.

Randi Rhodes - see above - exactly the same crap. Talking over the wise callers who mentioned that you can't blame everyone in a mob for the act of one person anyway - agent provocateur or not. Nope - she never thought about that either!

It's divide and conquer - the right keeps people mad at their fake enemies with the abortion thing - which I haven't heard whether or not the liar-in Chief has signed as he promised. ( If he does it will be his first promise kept.) The left keeps the liar-in-chief in office by painting opposition to his war, debt, death, dictatorship, shredding-of-the-bill-of-rights-while-Constitutional-scholar, ignoring of torture, lack of prosecution for war crimes etc... - by painting people angry about these things as "racists." I'm not buying it.

After all if the country was really full of racists what would account for reality? Obama was elected! The demographics don't agree with these people!

So don't waste your time on these clowns - unless you call them to expose their phony agendas.


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I Remember the Call

Yeah, I have known about Hartmann for a long time, and Rhodes was clearly
put in her place and is now a total sell-out. The station is changed immediately when I hear her awful voice.