Friday, August 30, 2013

U.S.-Supported Insurgents Carried Out Chemical Weapons Attack in Syria

Breaking News: U.S. Airstrikes Against Syria to Begin Within the Hour

War criminal Obomber will be striking Syria over a fabrication, and the entire world knows it. He can now join his rightful place as the worst of history's tyrants given the global reach of his empire.

"Despite the Obama administration’s attempt to immediately blame Assad’s forces for the chemical attack, multiple U.S. officials have said that the administration’s evidence is “not a slam dunk.” Officials also mentioned that the administration had no “smoking gun.” In fact, the rebels have now even claimed responsibility for the attacks, and Anthony Gucciardi has revealed that mounting evidence lends to the reality that the Syrian rebels carried out the attacks.

Even with Syrian Deputy Foreign Fayssal Mekdad presenting evidence to the UN that strongly points to a rebel led chemical attack, the Obama administration has continued to ignore any evidence that can’t be used to justify military action against Assad, including multiple YouTube videos showing rebels launching chemical weapons on civilian targets....


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I'll give you one guess where they got the "evidence."
'Syrian rebels take responsibility for the chemical attack admitting the weapons were provided by Saudis'

Report: US Attack On Syria to Begin Saturday

Kerry warns against the ‘risk of doing nothing’ in Syria

What a lying jerk, for lack of a better word. Israel must have loads of dirt on him.

And who knows what hell Mossad is raising inside Syria?

UPDATE: I saw Obama and Kerry on the Al-Jazeera broadcast, and they sicken me. 

May God damn them for eternity as I once again issue a preemptive condemnation of this action. It is being taken over my strong, strong objections, and as a citizen of AmeriKaI disown this damn government. 

"The administration did nothing to discourage the predictions that he would act — and soon. " 

The same thing also goes for the compliant collaborators of the mouthpiece media who have cheered this thing along the whole way.