Monday, August 26, 2013

This is Insanity

UPDATE (2:55 p.m.): Now the pathetic excuse for a human being, John Kerry, is speaking about how chemical weapons being used to kill women and children is unacceptable, blah, blah, blah.  What he means is it is ONLY ACCEPTABLE when the EUSraeli empire or their Al-CIA-Duh allies dumps them on some "enemy." He's claiming the Syrians are destroying evidence, blah, blah, blah.  The TV news is saying he called it a moral obscenity, and says "common sense" says Syria did it -- meaning they have not a shred of evidence against Syria.

I've turned down the sound now because I can't stand that scum, but let me make it clear to Mr. Kerry, Mr. Obama, and the rest of the NSA monitoring this: 


I would also like the world to know that the AMERICAN PEOPLE ARE OPPOSED to this war criminal action, but OUR LEADERS ARE NOT LISTENING! They ONLY LISTEN to WALL STREET and ISRAEL! This is all being done against our will, consent, and approval!

So DAMN YOU TO HELL, Mr. Kerry! I will FEAST UPON YOUR VERY SOUL when I see you there, you liar!!


Now back to the original post from earlier this morning:

'Round h're we call it reading the regional flagship known as the Boston Globe. 

Just a small sampling of what I found this morning in a mere eight pages before I stopped reading it:

First up is Syria, and no matter what the evidence shows (not that I would believe any evidence offered by the EUSraeli empire or it's total tool of a U.N. anymore) the evidence is irrefutable and any offer by the Syrians is too late and not credible. Says the US official? The proverbial personification of credibility? 

(The latest insanity coming is from Al-Jewzeera and it says UN inspectors were stopped this morning when their convoy was fired upon; gee, who would want to keep the inspectors from identifying things after the Syrian government agreed to take them there?)

This from the same nation that claimed the same about Iraq and all. We were told babies were thrown out of incubators. We were told he had UAV the size of a model airplane loaded with biological weapons that were ready to be deployed to the eastern seaboard; we were told he had nukes! We were told he used chemical weapons on his own people! 

Ready for a stunner? Maybe he didn't, and that would just be one more lie you were told, wouldn't it? The safe assumption now is your government and its mouthpiece jewsmedia collaborationists and blackmailers tell nothing but lies. On the rare occasions where they deign to hold a limited hangout and reveal a half-truth it's called distortion and obfuscation. Forgetting about it in future propaganda is called omission, and all four are methods of deception. 

Anyway, I stray when I give you the context of the prism with which this well-meaning and concerned American citizen greets each day with in a dewy-eyed optimism that quickly turns sour (usually before opening the thing).

And we called it a newspaper:  

"Powell spoke in an interview with CBS’s “Face the Nation,’’ as Washington held a series of events to mark the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.’s march that included his ‘‘I Have a Dream’’ speech. ‘‘If Dr. King was here, I’m quite sure he would say, ‘Congratulations on all the progress that’s been made, but let’s keep going. The dream is not fully achieved yet,’’’ said Powell, also the first black to serve the nation as secretary of state."

I'm sure Dr. King would have had a lot to say to the general that led two war criminal assaults on Iraq that killed millions and were based on lies, and I feel quite confident he would endorse my speech as I become a bit teary-eyed right now.

“For the president to speak out on it is appropriate,” said Colin Powell. “I think all leaders, black and white, should speak out on this issue.”

I thought I would put the picture up because it's a perfect look for a response to what I just said. What, what? From what I say on Al-Jewzeera (my jew home for corporate new$) I see he called Assad a born liar, so all that regret about his embarrassing lies at the U.N. in February 2003 was really just public relations bullshit.  I suppose it takes one to know one, and who would ever believe a proven liar like Powell again?

Aye-aye, Genural! 

"Insurgents bent on destabilizing Iraq killed at least 46 people in numerous attacks scattered around the country on Sunday"

Yeah, in Iraq they are insurgents seeking to overthrow the elected government of U.S. liberation. In Syria, they are freedom-fighting rebels looking to overthrow a brutal regime.

Btw, any ideas or thoughts that the wars are coming to an end as promulgated by my pos press here is exposed when the big business story of the day is the development of a new Army boot for the Middle East. But no boots on the ground in Syria, even thought the U.S. already has boots on the ground in Syria. They are the ones who did the chemical attack.

"Hazem el-Beblawi, the interim prime minister, said Saturday that it was important to pursue a political process aimed at restoring democracy, but he emphasized that it should not include ‘‘those who don’t accept the principles of no use of violence, no religion in politics, no attacks against minorities, and no discrimination.’’"

That was said by one of the Egyptian thugs now running the country? The same crew that has basically reoutlawed the Brotherhood (regardle$$ of what you think of their backing or political agenda, the Orwellian comments coming from government speak for themselves)? The same crew that has mowed down over 1,000 souls, MORE than Mubarak's military (even though it's all the same guys)? Talking about nonviolence? About restoring democracy? Are you kidding?

Oh, btw, all you liberal secularists who are nothing but tools for western intelligence and Israel? I hope you like the jail cells.  I think we can remove any and all doubt about that, folks. It's from their own mouths -- as the country returns to normal according to the AmeriKan media.

"With business owners sounding increasingly worried about the threat they believe the homeless pose to Columbia’s economic surge, the City Council approved a plan this month that will essentially evict them from downtown streets. “People are afraid to get out of their cars when they see a homeless person,” said Richard Balser, who owns a luggage store downtown. “They haven’t been a problem. They just scare people.” The city is also planning to impose limits on meal service for the homeless on public property. And it plans to station a police officer at a strategic location between the city’s shelter and downtown to “monitor and control foot traffic.”

What, there are NO CRIMES like RAPE, ROBBERY, or MURDER, in South Carolina? Gotta have cops on the beat and manning a post to watch those homeless now, huh? Talk about total corporate tools dre$$ed all in blue!

Good Lord, the homeless are now akin to TERRORISTS! They SCARE PEOPLE! They THREATEN what is a "a sustainable business model” and "giant risk to business.”

That's odd, because I see them around here and aside from giving them a few bucks in the past, I never felt endangered. I felt pity and fear, thinking that could one day be me.

Oh, and you know, if the economy is so great why are the numbers of homeless rising? Job losses? Fraudulent foreclosures? Crap corporate media lies? How can crime be down and up at the same time?

Hey, it's all for your own good, like Obamacare:

"That ground-level campaign will be reinforced by $41 million worth of national advertising contracts through the federal government. The Obama administration will also spend $67 million on contracts with nonprofits around the country to actually sign people up for insurance."

That will be $108 million not going into to actual healthcare, but it will create jobs, or so I'm told! I wonder which well-connected interests will be getting the contract$.

Just wait until you get the forms and see how less you like it, America. Never mind the cutback in hours and dropping of your spouse from your profitable employer's plan (unless they are of the same sex).

Btw, did you see who is exempt from all this as you will be asked to cough up even more, consumer (I was silly enough to think it was patient)?

"The debate is more about principle than big money, since the staffs of such organizations are relatively small and make barely a ripple in huge state retirement systems. But associations of cities, counties, and school boards argue that a plausible case can be made for allowing them to get state pensions and state health care benefits, and the benefits of those already in the pension system are protected from future cuts, groups aren’t bound by salary restrictions — significant salary increases would result in increasing pension benefits."

Yes, as you suffer under the endless lash of austerity budget cuts and the partisanship of addressing your needs, Americans, the money junkies are grabbing more loot from taxpayers -- and the corporate pre$$ is excusing the behavior. Never mind the billion bucks borrowed and the debt interest payments on biotech when it "more often, years of drug development and the drawn-out approval process ultimately lead nowhere." Just a lot of lost loot from pension funds and colege endowments. And you were wondering why your pension statement is flat and tuition skyrocketing?

Of course, all those union contracts made with teachers, cops, and firefighters? Those gotta be opened up and renegotiated right away! I mean, it's pretty clear to me that the only function of government in AmeriKa today, be it local, state, or federal, is to grab and give all the money to the seven percent of which they are a part. 

That's not an economic recovery, folks, that's a GRAND DEPRESSION!

Leading the corporate news are the fires threatening Yosemite, and that holds a personal connection for me since I visited; however, it's not due to global warming as the fart mi$ters would have you believe; it's because the fire control and firefighting and budgets for this country have been turned over to the war machine, Wall Street, Israel, and any well-connected corporation, along with the full range of perks for the lavish lifestyles of the politicians who are imposing austerity on you.  

The Globe covers the latest Snowden revelations to a certain degree (in my printed paper, briefs not on the web?), but neglects to mention what I saw on Al-Jewzeera: over 80 embassies around the world were monitored in what was called the "Special Collection Service." I'm sure that will make some world capitals happy. 

Oh, just a reminder that there is a missing nuke around somewhere, so if a big bang happens in, say, Chicago, you will know where they really got it and where it really came from. 

One final note that I did not see in my printed Globe, but did see on MSNBC that Miley Cyrus is now officially a slut or tramp or whore or whatever the kids call it these days. I never watch such things, but the clips I saw were disgusting and shocking (btw, Lady Gaga looked fat), especially at 5:55 in the morning! Maybe I'm an old fuddy-duddy, I don't think so, but apparently the perverted Jewish media (wasn't a big deal at all to the Globe, in fact, they were positive about it) has warped and corrupted another child star. Has anyone checked to see who is managing her these days, and has anyone tested her for drugs because she looked like she was on something?