Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Obama's Next Move Will Result in WWIII


"All this morning the corporate media has been trying too blur the lines between Syria and Iran, and this article is attempting to toss Russia into the mix. I think Washington DC realizes this is the last war they will be able to start with a lie, and plan to force its escalation into Iran, Russia, and China. In other words, knowing they can no longer lie to start wars to attack targets piecemeal, DC is going for it all on this attack. Look for a staged attack on our warships when they launch their cruise missiles into Syria." -- WhatReallyHappened

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The attack will have begun by then.

It has truly been a privilege to serve you all. 

May God Bless you, dear readers. See you on the other side.

"What is Obama's next step in Syria?

The war for the bankers (or the war for the petrodollar, or the war to revive Breton-Woods; they are really all the same) has stumbled. The official US Government claim that Bashar al-Assad invited the United Nations Chemical Weapons inspectors into Syria, the unleashed a chemical weapon attack, not against the leaders of the hired mercenaries trying to oust him, but against women and children, was a non-starter right from the very beginning. One can only imagine the desperation on the bowels of power (not to mention a complete lack of respect for the intelligence of the American people) for them to even try such a blatant lie.

John Kerry's "Moral Compass" comment in his pathetic attempt to bolster the official story reveals that the US Government now realizes belatedly they have overstepped. They crossed the "red line" of believability with the American people, and even that segment of the population still desperate to cling to the illusion that the US are the good guys and all these wars, overthrows, drone strikes, and torture, were somehow necessary and right are awake, and angry. That Kerry felt he had to address the issue of doubt regarding the official story betrays much that Kerry probably would have been prudent to conceal.

Yet here we are.

The US Government is trapped. Having gone this far into the "Clash of Civilizations" (Actually a war between private central banking and government-issued currency, the same war America fought and won during the revolution) the US is unable to turn around and return to status quo ante. This "dollarification" of the world was an all-or-nothing deal.

Along with the realization that the world simply does not believe the US story about Assad, the White House has to realize that screaming about weapons of mass destruction is no longer a propaganda option they can use. Certainly it will not work with the planned war with Iran.

What to do?

Already the awareness of this clumsy lie is spreading among the American people, who might have been wiling to forgive, or at least tolerate, that whopper about Saddam's nuclear weapons. But a second such lie, especially one as obvious as this, is insulting to Americans, who are wondering just how stupid the US Government must think they all are to have even tried such a stunt. There is a question of respect, and clearly the government does not respect the American people, to be willing to lie to the people so shamelessly.

The US Government faces a severe crisis of credibility of their own making. And such a crisis can only get worse with a government trapped into perpetuating a war and with no other choice but to lie to sell those wars.

What to do?

The war against Iran is still desired and needed. Indeed the process of restoring the petrodollar cannot succeed unless Iran os conquered and forced to sell their oil only for US dollars.


The US Government is going to go ahead with the attack on Syria, and somehow they need to drag Iran into it in such a manner than no excuses need be made to the American people expected to pay and die for that war.

And here is one way they might just do it....


Obama realizes he has failed to sell a new war to the American people with that obvious lie that Assad gassed women and children the very day the UN chemical weapons inspectors showed up. But having told that lie and being unwilling to back down, Obama has to do something, and it looks like there will be a "limited" strike but no invasion, then Obama will declare some kind of victory and retire from the field. But that is not a course of action the promoters of war, especially Israel, want to see happen. Already the Israel-firsters are pouring onto the corporate media screaming for the invasion of Syria. (Here's your rifle...)

Israel, as always, is the wild card, and it would not be out of character for them to sail one of their Dolphin submarines up to the US war ships flinging cruise missiles at Syria, and sink one to pin the blame on Syria. Worst case is that since Germany has admitted knowing Israel is arming the cruise missiles on those Dolphin submarines with nuclear warheads, Israel could nuke the entire squadron of four ships, a replay of Pearl harbor, to ignite the war against Iran.


How do you distract from a lie? With a bigger lie.

As I type these words, four US Destroyers are off of the coast of Syria, ready to launch cruise missile strikes that will murder ar more Syrian people than are alleged to have died in the chemical weapons attack. American and world condemnation are already building even before the cruise missiles are launched. The White House needs something "dramatic" to make people forget about the lie about assad and chemical weapons, and re-ignite war fever.

Which is why is expect Obama to, like Roosevelt, sacrifice a ship or two to anger Americans back into supporting the war agenda, and to avoid having to come up with a reason to invade Iran, to blame Iran for the loss of the ship. It seems the only possible plan the White House can come up with to salvage the current situation.

Israel, which supports and encourages the US policy of war in the Mid east, operates Dolphin class submarines given to it by Germany. They are diesel electric boats, meaning they are very quiet; quieter than nuclear powered submarines. Germany recently admitted they have known for years that Israel is arming their Dolphin class submarines with nuclear tipped cruise missiles.

So, I expect that right now, the war-hawks are considering a new "Pearl Harbor" attack to sacrifice and sink one or more of those US destroyers (and their crews). The scenario is simple. A submarine quietly sneaks up on the destroyers, and as soon as they launch their cruise missiles into Syria. either torpedo or nuke the ships, then to lay the blame for the "Dastardly" attack on Iran.

Problem solved!

Except, of course, we are expecting such a [thing]....



It is a shame that America's first African-American president would turn out to be the very worst one in history.  People can point to aberrations like his white mother or his East African father as ways to distinguish him from mainstream African-Americans.  After all, it could be said, that he was the "African American Who Fell to Earth". African-Americans should be given a chance to compensate for this president's unconventional history by sending up one of their own - one with a slave ancestry and only hints of possible miscegenation.

Like all presidents, Obama is worried about his legacy.  He takes these things personally.  He'd like to think that, as he collects money from speaking engagements after the close of his second term, that he will receive top dollar since his tenure in office reflected statesmanship, perseverance, wisdom, success and great fortune.  As it turns out, he will be lucky if he is favorably compared to Jimmy Carter, Herbert Hoover, James Garfield or William Henry Harrison (died after one month in office).  He might even be lucky if he were compared to Napoleon at Waterloo.

Obama is beset by the hounds who tug at his strings.   He didn't know that Washington, D.C. was essentially the same as Chicago - but on a much grander scale.  Here, in the Beltway, disasters are Rabelaisian.  No mere corruption trials....fixing elections or senate appointments....and all the other foibles Illinois politicians, like Blagoyevitch, endure for the sake of Mammon, to keep a blonde trophy wife in silk or satin knickers.  No, here in the capital of the most Zionist-influenced nation on earth, you cannot be some cheap politico destined for the dust-bin of history:  you have to be more than a mere ephemeral loser.  You have to be up to the position of president of the United States of America!  When you muck things up, it must be appropriate for someone looked upon as "The Leader of the Free World", "The Most Powerful Man on Earth", "The Top of the Western Heap", "The King of the Western Dung Hill", and all that silliness.  So, when you are going to really make a mess of things, it's not enough that you involve yourself with some congressional page, a squeaky little Jewess with a mother straight out of a movie agent's client list, a cigar so expensive it comes in metal appropriate for a suppository.  No. No. No!!  You have to do a Napoleon Bonaparte.  A Waterloo. Russia in Winter.  An Adolph Hitler Redux.  LBJ in Southeast Asia.  G.W. in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Vladimir Harkonnen on Arakis!!  It's gotta be boffo!

When Obama learned that Bandar Bin Sultan was rebuffed by President Putin despite the promises of "instant billions", "more gas monopoly" and "protection from pesky terrorists", he was reportedly devastated.  With Russia on board, he could have garnered the world's attention - distract his many enemies from the feeding-frenzy in Washington over his Big Brother scandal - he could be "Liberator of Syrian Islamists", "Friend to all Peace Loving Wahhabist Troglodytes", and "Conqueror of the Levant".  But Putin didn't fall for the scam.  And now, the Leader of the Free World, America's Mustapha Mond,  has to find another way to sink his country into a Zionist-inspired Gotterkrieg complete with sinking ships, captured navy pilots and dishevelled special operations mercenaries claiming to work for the CIA.  Mmmmm.

We believe Obama is desperate.  The Western media push for military action in Syria is composed, choreographed, arranged and conducted by Zionist Neo-Con traitors who think of Obama as just another "schwarz" who should have been left in the stable to sweep the horse manure.  He is feeling the pressure of the Snowden affair, the NSA surveillance fiasco, his Obamacare Donnybrook, and most of all, the fell hand of time, it's pitiless judgment, it's irreversibility.

He needs to score....big time! the way Clinton wanted to with Arafat and Barak.  Can't do it in Afghanistan.  Iraq is a political disaster.  Nobody cares about the blacks in Darfur - that won't earn even a squib in the Guardian.  No!!  He needs a Zionist-inspired catastrophe that will have Richard Engel, Judy Woodruff, Rupert Murdoch, Charles Krauthammer and all the other dipsomaniacal, dysfunctional dunderheads dancing the Chattanooga Choo-Choo around his gyrating, African carcass.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Obama has to deal with some bad news.  General Dempsey, who has to count casualties and tag body bags, has no appetite for another Afghanistan.  He has told the president he thinks the U.S. can survive a Syrian missile attack on American ships and aircraft.  He might even think that American cruise missiles can affect the outcome of the war in Syria.  But, he must have also told Obama, that it might not work.  There are risks.  Some of them cannot be avoided.  There's no guarantee the Russian weapons won't work.   One big risk is American bombing of civilian centers. Tsk. Tsk. Tsk.  Oh, well!  They're just a bunch of Ayraabs, right?   We might also hit Syria's huge stockpiles of Sarin, VTX and other unpleasant gaseous substances thereby causing more human suffering than all the establishment of the Zionist Abomination caused since 1948. This is no ipse dixit.

Russia and Iran are committed to Syria.  We believe that Vladimir Putin will not back down. He hasn't backed down on anything yet.  We know Iran is prepared to make any sacrifices based on a belief that the U.S. has become a paper tiger, wholly dependent on internal circumstances which will not permit it to go beyond an off-target, Obama Doctrine type of war.  Iran is prepared for exactly that with the trump card being an all-out attack on Saudi Arabia that will send oil prices so high it will take Europe 20 years to recover.  Hizbollah is ready too with over 40,000 improved missiles aimed at the black heart of the Settler State Par Excellence.  It's going to be jolly.

But, what is a president to do when his wagons are encircled by self-righteous hyenas?  Gotta go to war.  Right?

I'm afraid the U.S. is heading into another miasma of failure with Obama leading the charge with  a flag in his two hands.  His manipulators, Zionists and their Saudi/Turkish Wahhabist allies, stay behind and watch. I mean, they can't ride a horse, can they?

In Jordan, the U.S. has trained and armed thousands of Syrians and foreigners to fight a new and last campaign to oust our president.  If they can't dislodge him from Damascus, the secondary goal is to occupy sufficient "quality" territory to justify negotiations at a renewed Geneva Conference.  That's all the U.S. can really hope for to salvage the catastrophe is has brought on itself and the people of the Middle East.  I can think of no nation more vicious and evil than this country made up of hypocritical politicians and Zionist stooges  who constantly pontificate about rights and justice whilst trampling on them openly and unabashedly before the eyes of the world. Schadenfreude?  You betcha.

Syria is going to sink multiple American ships in the Mediterranean.  Once the U.S. fires cruise missiles, all bets are off.  THIS IS OPERATION JULES JAMMAAL.  Syria will also vaporize the Patriot Missile System in Turkey and Jordan.  This will be done with the Russian-installed Iskandar cruise missiles now positioned in Latakia, Idlib and Damascus.  Syria will also fire its thousands of locally-manufactured Scud-Bs and Ds, not terribly accurate, but sufficiently so to cause massive destruction.  But now, for the first time,  Syria and Iran will unleash anti-government forces in Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Turkey.

To this date, there has been a supposition, based on nothing but armchair theorizing, that the Syrian Army, as an institution,  has been fighting the war.  I have made it clear in previous posts that the army fighting the terrorist rats has been the Republican Guard, 4th Mechanized Armored Division, 100,000 militia and over 100,000 National Defense Force volunteers.  Coupled with our pervasive security forces, police and border patrol, it has been enough to stay the tide of foreign mercenary interventionists.  But when the war goes viral, Syria will finally begin using its 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Army Corps.  With this comes Hizbollah and Iran's forces.  Missiles will tell the story.  Aircraft will sink into the drink.  Obama and his experts will sink with them. I promise you.

I will make it clear to all readers.  I don't support the U.S. in this, at all.  I am sick of the U.S. bullying other countries and I am doubly sick of seeing American soldiers being used as cannon fodder by the Zionist Empire - Christians dying for a few miserable Zionist freeloading, carpetbagging bloodsucking thugs.  I want to see Syria rub Obama's face in his own ordure.  I want to see Iran exterminate the race of banana-eating apes of the Peninsula whose time has run out.  I welcome this war and can't wait to chronicle it with you.  This is America at its worst.  War-mongering.  Fighting wars to deflect embarrassments.  Killing other humans for the sake of culling populations.  This is war crime territory.  Obama, the worst president this country ever had,  is cut out for this job.