Sunday, August 4, 2013

Coming False Flag Will Reveal Complete Governmental Failure


"This alert is so vague as to be totally useless. We are told that we must submit to total surveillance of our lives, our computers, our locations, our phone calls, our mail, that we must accept crotch-groping at the airports, the looting of our luggage, the actual destruction of our property, all so that the US government can "find the terrorists".

Except that from this vague warning, they can't do that. His warning amounts to "Someone in Al Qaeda (nudge nudge wink wink say no more) but we don't know exactly who, is going to do something, but we don't know exactly what, somewhere in the Middle East, only we don't know exactly where, sometime before the end of the month, only we don't know just when."

The window of locations and times is so wide open the government can count on at least one act of terror they can claim is the one they predicted. And if the terror attacks happens, it means one of two things.

1. This new "terror" attack is a false-flag operation; a faked event by a US Government desperate to distract the American people from the unconstitutional existence of that massive spy network, to distract the American people from the IRS targeting of the President's political enemies (an impeachable crime), to distract the American people from the exploding scandal surrounding Benghazi, which appears to have been yet another false-flag stunt to bolster Obama's re-election chances and re-ignite Americans' flagging war fever.

2. None of the massive and costly security imposed by the United States government on the American people and the rest of the world actually works. If there is another terror attack it means that the grabbing of our crotches (and looting of our luggage) by TSA does not work. If there is another terror attack it means the NSA spying on Americans does not work. If there is another terror attack it means the Department of Homeland Security, CIA, FBI, etc., do not work.

Take your pick!

The best way to head off a false-flag attack is to hammer the point that any terror attack anywhere represents a complete and total failure of DHS, TSA, FBI, NSA, CIA, etc.

If there is another terror attack, anywhere, at any time, the response of the American people should be to demand the immediate shutting down of all these costly and unconstitutional agencies, and a return to spending the Americans' tax money on Americans!" -- What Really Happened

"Translation: the US government is about to create some kind of false flag somewhere (even perhaps here at home), as the excuse to invade a country, either in the Middle East or North Africa, and inspire "war fever" anew on the part of the American people.

It desperately needs the distraction from a lousy economy; Benghazigate; IRSgate; NSAgate; and other scandals which are most probably about to kneecap an already seriously distressed 2nd term presidency.

But I would strongly suggest to this administration, that after the US "victories" in Iraq and Afghanistan, that the American people are going to be skeptical in the extreme about yet another military catastrophe, as was played out in Iraq, and is playing out in Afghanistan.

The American people understand completely, that these have been very publicly funded and fought wars, with very real deaths and maimings for life, ultimately for private profit.

Unfortunately, we are at a tipping point here; we are looking at either the US government starting a world war, to attempt to stave off its economic collapse for just a little while longer, or a total collapse of the US economy in the short term. There is no middle ground, and things cannot possibly continue to go on the way they have." -- What Really Happened