Friday, August 2, 2013

Snowden Nominated For Nobel Peace Prize

It might help bring some integrity back to those awards, even if he is part of a psyop. The fact is, who cares? He's obviously much smarter than Bradley Manning, and although all Snowden's leaks have been basic general knowledge for decades, what he has done is enlightened us all that the advancement of tyranny and a global surveillance system has accelerated under Obama. As much as I want Bush before the bar at the Hague, forget about him. This isn't about his spying on the planet; this is about what this government under Obama has done the last five years. It's absolutely shredded any semblance of constitutional or republican government. It's an unlawful and lawless regime now, and it will take its place among the world's greatest tyrannies in history books. And we have a whistleblowing hero to thank for it, Edward Snowden.

Anybody want to second that motion?