Monday, July 19, 2010

What A Long Strange Trip It's Been

I am coming up on the fourth anniversary of the blog and it seems like such an appropriate description when I consider my goals when I began.

One immediate goal at the time was to keep the Republicans from stealing another election after the 2004 heist by Bush -- the only time in history apparently that exit polls failed. Reminds me of another day where fire felled steel skyscrapers straight into their own footprint; however, that is a whole different issue and predates when I began this blog.

So, back to 2006. Had to get those Democrats elected to check Bush. Felt so proud that we got the word out and prevented a stolen election (enough questions underneath about some individual races but nothing like 2004) and were finally going to get some satisfaction.

Of course, the exact opposite occurred. The Democrats capitulated on the unconstitutional retro-immunity for telecommunication company spying for the government and escalated the Iraq conflict with Bush's failed -- yes, failed given the state of Iraqi politics today. Remember, ending violence (another failure) was only a prelude not and end goal -- surge. Then, quietly, towards the end of Bush's terms they looted the United States Treasury and left the American taxpayers with the bill. They called it a bailout of the financial system.

So along comes 2008. Finally, a chance to dump Bush and up pops a telegenic young man who exudes energy and talks of change. I even spun a blog off this site so his selection, 'er, election wouldn't be swiped. Not only did the American people buy it, they gave him plenty of Democrats to do it. A filibuster-proof majority in the Senate (we will leave aside the question of why Democrats never used the filibuster when in the minority) and increased House majority. Now we will see an end to those wars and a reverse of course in our country!


We have received no such thing. The endless wars based on lies -- something people seem to have forgotten during the unending drudgery and mass media propagation -- are either escalated or ignored. The lying war press -- such an embarrassment after being caught red-handed on Iraq -- continues to tell the most outrageous lies and push the war propaganda.

Which puts me in mind of the other goals I had when I began. Excuse me as I scream in agony after four years; however, it was to END the DAMN WARS! By that I mean Iraq and Afghanistan. That was the primary reason for electing Democrats. Speaking only for myself, how foolish and naive.

Afghanistan is an atrocity that is almost beyond imagining. More for Afghans than Americans, but we are getting there (in terms of psyche, not dead). Here we are on this side of the oceans talking about turning around nine year war that has gone steadily downhill the whole time. Of course, when you pay off the "enemy" -- meaning people who live there and had nothing to do with the CIA/Mossad inside job on 9/11 -- so your supply lines don't get cut it's a good way to keep wars going and the wool over people's eyes. Sending in CIA agents and contracted mercenaries who were Special Ops or SEALS can also keep a conflict going while supplying the numb American public with and endless array of demons from foreign lands. Teaming up with other foreign intelligence agencies as well as running your own cells can also be just as effective.

At the same time the change has come next door in the form of increased CIA drone attacks in Pakistan. Letting more missiles fly than that orc Bush certainly was not what I had in mind.

As for Iraq, why are we still there and please do not say "Al-CIA-Duh?" The fact is that the people who devise U.S. policy and plan the wars never had any intention of withdrawing. Oh, the mass media of AmeriKa says we are coming out, blah, blah, blah, but I've really stopped listening, watching, or reading them. Maybe its all true, to which my response is where are they being sent now? What is the next country the U.S. is going to occupy? Pakistan? Iran? Somalia? Venezuela? All of them?

The AmeriKan government's recent reaction to Israel's murderous piracy in international waters as the Congress snaps to attention and sanctions Iran has only confirmed the Israeli's iron-fisted grip on the U.S. governments testes.

I suppose the point of the rambling is that after four long years my enthusiasm has faded on this front. Looking back now on what I was hoping at that time and what has occurred since is actually painful. I feel like I have failed. Now I'm just an observer of a slow-motion holocaust. Can four years have passed so quickly? How much longer can these mass-murdering exercise to protect pipelines and drug routes continue?

And I have left out so many other things: torture that continues and has never been properly addressed by media or government; the incredible pack of daily lies surrounding economy and environment; the deluge of petty politics taking up so much print; the daily divisions, obfuscations, distortions, and omissions an American is likely to find in any newspaper he may happen upon; and more.

That's not where the trip ends, though.

The most disturbing thing has been to learn of the depths of Israeli and Zionist deception and murder. Once one confronts the truth of false flag operations and follows that road to where it leads one never sees the world the same again. To have one's mind opened to the fact of Zionist terrorism, ethnic cleansing and displacement, land theft, war-criminal genocide, and other horrors that surround the history of the area since 1948 such as the organ-harvesting operation (quickly scrubbed from our Zionist-controlled mass media) is an experience no American receives through conventional means or their state-school system. The fact that these outrages continue and worsen by the day -- despite what Irsael's public relations office (a.k.a. America's newspapers) says -- is an open sore that stains the soul of humanity.

Oddly, that was not the topper. The final blow for the AmeriKan media and this government were the global-warming lies that flew in the face of the senses. The ClimateGate revelations in 2009 only confirmed the suspicions.

And the final nail in the coffin?

The catastrophic disaster that is the Gulf Oil Gusher and the collaboration between industry, government, and media to conceal the true impact. Even this jaded and cynical blogger is stunned and shocked at the level of disingenuous duplicity to which authority and officialdom will sink.

I'm sure there are many more issues and items on which I could comment, but it's time to get trucking.