Sunday, July 4, 2010

Freedom in the Balance

Rabbit's rational commentary:


As usual the power-hungry federal government is leading us toward a path of ever-concentrating power - taking more and more control over the states with the ultimate goal that each state will become no more than a small federally run area.

The civil war demonstrated that real states rights - in other words the right to secede from the union wasn't an option - mostly because might makes right and the union had the power. That situation in some respects still exists - in some respects doesn't exist. The federal government is broke and everybody hates them - foreign and domestic - that is - except those who are stuck in an endless cycle living in the war industry.

This time - the "rebels" would not bear the onerous burden they did last time - that is - slavery does not exist. Slavery, which needed to die, was forever a part of the old states-rights south. But the states rights people today have right on their side - and no burden like slavery to give would-be allies reason not to help. For example - Great Britain, while providing some support, like the surreptitious building of the CSS Alabama, could not be relied upon as a great political ally because slavery had already been abhored in Great Britain for some time. Lincoln, grasping this, was able to prevent war support from GB to the Confederacy by "freeing the slaves" making it impolitic for Britain to support the South from that point on. But when one looks at how much he actually "freed the slaves" it was political more than anything. The people who hated slavery in the North and in the South were actually responsible for spearheading that great cause. It took great sacrifice on the part of the people to move that issue forward - the law followed.

Here we are today facing many parallels from the past history of this country - with civil war being one. The label of "terrorist" will continue to be used by the globalists to frame their opponents - the Patriot movement - intent on the preservation of the Bill of Rights, and Constitution of the United States - and hopefully US sovereignty. We shall see - the masses getting most of their information from Corporate and State controlled media are still in a deep trance.

As the money runs out and the Fed/Globalists accelerate their plan to forfeit US sovereignty, our rights and eventually expose us to global taxation, when the bills start showing up in the mailboxes is when the stuff will hit the fan. Perhaps our politicians can be replaced with statesmen before this gloomy futurescape takes a more focused and blatant appearance.

This latest gun legislation - in my opinion - may avert conflict between the states and feds that were lining up for a battle over states gun rights - but I don't think it is going to solve the problem. In fact I think it will eventually get worse as the Feds are addicted to power and the states run out of money and rights to support the fed/globalist's addiction.

But please take a look at the article - G. Edward Griffin is extremely sensible and usually presents solutions. See also the vid on the left side of this blog - The Dangerous Servant.

By the way - I would warn readers to be careful if watching anything Glenn Beck does that has to do with this issue. His propaganda is very clever - and mixes elements of truth like this issue - with dangerous notions undermining our Bill of Rights - like "shoot him in the head." This statement he makes - accurately tells you his view - kill 'em all let God sort them out.

I would remind EVERYONE that trials before punishment are important - required by law - and become super-important to YOU when you are under arrest and someone who hates YOU is in a position to be judge jury and executioner. Practice your critical thinking skills when that con artist is busy putting on his fake-patriot act. Look for contradictions between what he is saying and the true security of America. How about he talks about 911 being an inside job? Tough to do when he was such a strong anti-911-truther running interference for the biggest con ever pulled off on the American public - one still successfully covered up thanks to con-men like him.

By the way - didn't Glenn Beck appear on the scene right after 9-11-01 - I mean within minutes after having been a nobody? Now he has this idiotic 9-12 project. Perfect to erase from the mind of the public the events of 9-11-2001. We'll just keep repeating 9-12 to the mushroom masses over and over and over again and maybe they will forget that elements of their own government slaughtered 3,000 civilians, covered it up, used it to start illegal wars in Iraq and Afghanistan - continues to use it to start illegal wars and continues to cover it up.

Glenn Beck never says bring the troops home. His job is to use everything in his power to keep your mind off the issues that really matter by using some that, although important, are unrelated to the real solutions, but will keep you divided from agreement with your neighbors or even members of your government. Think how you always walk away angry when Glenn is on the air. Anger is not a way to enter into negotiations when you are looking for common ground. We need to come together not become more divided. Glenn Beck is a fraud. Period. Turn him OFF.