Thursday, July 22, 2010

Doctor in the House

"Obama Is the Devil

by Peter Chamberlin

Most Americans share a large degree of pride in simply being Americans, so it seems impossible to believe that we would simply roll over and surrender what is left of freedom to preserve a pay check or a prescription plan. But that is just what has happened. On June 10, 2010, Barack Obama signed an executive order which ordered the creation of a national behavioral modification regime and all we have done so far, is to bend-over and take it.

Apparently the American people are unable to tell when it is time to worry. It is as though we possess neither hindsight nor foresight, the majority of us failing since birth to see what lies straight ahead us or to learn from that which went before us. This makes us perfect prey for slick politicians with secret agendas—and that is all that our electoral process ever gives us..


At some point in the near future, the government will disrupt your present unhealthy lifestyle for your own good–no more bad habits will be tolerated from you and me. Get set to be head-shrunk, drug-tested, enrolled in alcohol and violence treatment programs, whatever the widespread screening programs reveal about you. Depending upon the degree of dictatorship that Obama and friends have planned for us, it is conceivable that the new direction into preventative health measures will take us into truly fascist waters (think DNA screenings to prevent future health issues leading to forced sterilizations and abortions for some health issues).


Obama deals with all of our national and international problems as though he was running a Soviet-style command economy and he was the great dictator. He has demonstrated over-and-over his penchant for making sweeping demands and punitive threats against those who refuse to bend-over and take it.

It is extremely disheartening to think that the survival of freedom today depends upon a bunch of overweight “couch potatoes,” drunks, drug-addicts, chain-smokers and an assorted army of society’s rejects getting off their lazy asses and disrupting American government.