Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Truth and the Propagandocracy

"Ending the Propagandocracy by Returning to Reason, Ethics and Truth

by Notsilvia Night

What we in the western world have for a long time believed to be our democracy has somewhere along the way mutated into something wholly different, because we have turned away from reason, ethics and truth.

Rather than being called a democracy, the system we in the western world live in today might far more accurately be called a “propagandocracy”. It is by the power of deceptive manipulation that we are ruled by an arrogant elitist plutocracy....


The truth isn't always easy to find, since it is most often a very complicated set of facts and nobody is capable of knowing and evaluating all the known scientific facts.

Untruth, however, lies and deceptions, can be detected far easier and they must be uncovered. To do so is essential for humanity´s future.

There cannot be any democratic society without respect for truth.

Honesty is a foundation for trust and trust a foundation for a peaceful living together.

If we want peace in our own society or among nations, we need to counter lies and deliberate untruths, so we can built up trust.

But since most people have been deceived by politicians and the media, political lies are often believed without scrutiny.

Falsehoods have become part of the mainline consensus. People have built their worldview and sometimes even their personal identity on false premises.

Even when lies and deceptions are uncovered by clear physical and otherwise undeniable evidence it will not be easy for most people to change their minds on issues they have believed in for such a long time.

I am aware of the psychological difficulties many people have in accepting that the world is so very much different from what they thought it was.

In some cases challenging the mainline consensus, even with the best of evidence, might be considered a provocation, an act of radicalism.

However, while World War III is looming at this very moment like a dark shadow over our heads, backing down from truthful investigations for fear of treading on some people´s sensibilities is, in my opinion, no longer ethical; neither is it justifiable to keep quiet about a provocative truth for fear of becoming ostracized or an outcast.

Truth sometimes hurts, but upholding lies in accordance to a false and only media-created consensus as the unchallenged image of reality has become far more devastating and dangerous for all of us.

Truth is a powerful weapon, even if it is a non-violent one.


Because truth makes many other weapons less usable or even unusable.

For instance uncovering the truth about false-flag attacks and showing them as what they are as the 9/11 truth-movement is doing, make new false-flag attacks less likely. Because from now on large parts of the population will suspect in every further “terrorist” attack the hand of the government. And the people who have those suspicions will inform their neighbors and friends about them.

From now on the people who plan a false-flag attack on their own population or the population of their allies will have to take into account that those attacks might badly backfire on themselves, and they might themselves come under wide-scale public scrutiny.

The majority population of a nation might no longer be ready to be manipulated into another war against the enemy designated by their corrupt political or economic elites after such an attack. Instead the citizens might turn against their would-be manipulators.

Overcoming the propagandocracies of our times by a collective commitment towards reason, ethics, honesty and truth is vital.

Truth will empower the people, the ordinary citizens of all nations. Truth will help the people to keep their politicians and also the politicians´ rich paymasters or the string-pullers from otherwise powerful elites in check.

When lies and deceptions are uncovered, and the truth is being accepted by more and more people, society will change for the better. This change might take some time, possibly a long time, but it will be inevitable.