Friday, November 30, 2007

Pakistan's Musharaff Lectures the West

You gotta love this stuff! He's not going anywhere!

"Musharraf Sets Date for End of Emergency Rule" by CARLOTTA GALL

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan, Nov. 29 — Hours after being sworn in to a second term, President Pervez Musharraf announced Thursday that he would lift his state of emergency on Dec. 16.

Once the emergency is lifted, decrees Mr. Musharraf made in recent weeks are to remain in force.

WTF? Lifting martial law, but not lifting martial law?!

These include tougher curbs on the news media, antiterrorism charges against lawyers and even an amendment allowing civilians to be tried by military tribunals for offenses like sedition.

This guy is a carbon-copy of Bush!

No wonder Georgie is sticking with his "friend!"

Two popular FM radio stations remain off the air, as does the private television station, Geo, all of which were known for their strong news content.

Still, at the official ceremony, Mr. Musharraf warned assembled foreign diplomats not to force democracy and human rights on developing countries, but to let them evolve in their own time. Many of the diplomats had been highly critical of his recent actions.

Mr. Musharraf, addressing the diplomats:

There is an unrealistic or even impractical obsession with your form of democracy, human rights and civil liberties, which you have taken centuries to acquire and which you expect us to adopt in a few years, in a few months. We want democracy; I am for democracy. We want human rights, we want civil liberties, but we will do it our way, as we understand our society, our environment, better than anyone in the West.”

I agree with leaving you guys alone, as long as you leave the frontier provinces alone!

Quit killing them!

And did the guys tongue turn to sand for lying?

Lawyers protesting Mr. Musharraf’s swearing-in clashed with the police in the city of Lahore, and threw bricks, glasses and sticks at the police who blocked their demonstration. Several lawyers and police officers were injured."

Nothing on the ACTIVE WAR in the FRONTIER PROVINCES, huh?

So HOW MANY innocent Pakistanis did Musharaff's army kill yesterday, anyway?!