Thursday, September 19, 2013

Tired of Obomber

That's what happens when you are dealing with the insane

"Speaking to a national business group on Wednesday, Obama tried to raise the pressure on congressional Republicans, saying that threats of a fiscal default or government shutdown by his political adversaries risk throwing the US economy back into crisis

Yeah, blame that and not the continuous printing of money by Ben Bernanke and his printing press in order to prop up the fraudulent Dow Jones average and buy Wall Street crap that the world no longer wants, or your complete mismanagement of this economy for the wealthy elite. It wouldn't be thrown back into crisis, it's simply that which is continuing.

Obama accused what he called “a faction” of Republicans in the House of trying to “extort” him by refusing to pass a stopgap spending measure or raise the nation’s debt ceiling unless the president’s health care plan is repealed. 

They are separate issues, but the abomination of Obombercare needs to be repealed anyway; however, as for the debt, this government doesn't need any more money. Stop lavishing money on Wall Street, end the bloated war-profiteering connected with the expanding empire and retract the damn thing, cut off all aid to the blood$ucking parasite Israel, stop all the corporate welfare that is subsidies and tax breaks, and lay off the lavish political lifestyles that bankrupted and broke American taxpayers are funding because that is where all the money is going, folks. All other needs have been neglected by this illegitimate and criminal government.

“You have never in the history of the United States seen the threat of not raising the debt ceiling to extort a president or a governing party,” Obama told the group, the Business Roundtable. “It’s irresponsible.” 

What is irresponsible is going further into debt! Man, is this guy ever a servant of the bankers and wealthy elite!

Obama called upon the business leaders to try to persuade lawmakers to avoid the kind of “brinksmanship” that would lead to promises of “apocalypse” every few months. 

At the bottom it is all about LEADERSHIP! It's GOOD STUFF when you are TRYING to get a WAR GOING!

“I’m tired of it,” he added. “And I suspect you are too.”

You know, we could do without the over-the-top hyperbole -- and the abomination that is Obombercare. Not only is it going to Walgreens pushing more costs on to employees, UPS is going to take it away from spouses even in the model of Massachusetts, the jobs are becoming part-time and temporary, the costs are still going up, the services are still being cut, and yet this guy is going to fight to the death to keep his signature failure -- even after big business got an exemption (labor did not. I thought Obomber was your friend?) meaning no subsidy for you, and removal of caps on patient, 'er, con$umer protection. Even Warren Buffett of all people said we should scrap the $y$tem written by and for the in$urance industry and prescription pharmaceuticals-- or didn't 

But when it comes to members of Congress and the federal government:

"Separately, Obama came to the rescue of members of Congress and their aides Friday, saying the federal government would continue paying a large share of their health insurance premiums. Ambiguous provisions of the health care law had created serious doubts about whether such contributions would continue."

Ambiguous? All that time getting it written and passed and the law is ambiguous? 

Of course, I'm so glad Obomber took care of them -- at TAXPAYERS EXPENSE!! That is who the "federal government" is in that propaganda pre$$ context.  I would like to say for the record that I AM NOT the federal government when it comes to LYING to START WARS! Just wanted to get that on the record. The mouthpiece jewsmedia does not speak for me!

I know the propaganda pre$$ will shriek about the Republican-inspired shutdown because they will portray this as replay of the Clinton shutdown. The sad fact is the Republicans are right on this one. Obombercare is destroying the American economy, and full implementation will destroy full-time work for all but the privileged few. It's already happening. 

And I didn't even touch on his mass-murdering empire expansion called foreign policy and the mouthpiece media lies that come with it. That's what I'm tired of. I'd rather you deliver those people health care than missiles and bombs, sir. Has anyone ever told you lying is not healthy?