Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Time Is Running Out

UPDATEURGENT: FEMA Alert: Preparing For Disaster Oct DHS Building Up- (Stunning Video)

[I-phones, GPS, Twitter and all personal media can and will be used to keep tabs on us.  Where we are, what we are doing, even what we are thinking, is being monitored, charted and graphed as the preliminary stage to total control of individuals, their actions and their thoughts.  Eventually, the US Police State will come out of the shadows and move against us, all of us, in order to separate us from the rest of the sheeple.  By us, I mean the American resisters.  The new iPhone 5S even takes the owner's fingerprints, saving them to use as a form of personal identification.  Stop twitting and tweeting, or "twerking" (whatever that is), or using facebook...Throw away your i-phones and anything that records your actions, or any automatic GPS-tracking devices...There will come a time when all of us here in the Alternative Reality will want to be untraceable, or incognito.  Just wait 'til A.I. is given the task of filling the camps with American dissidents.  Our day is coming]


For the FEMA concentration camp and crematorium nearest you, go HERE