Sunday, September 29, 2013

Obama is Okay?


He must be because I saw this first off when I logged in today. Now they are "warning" him, huh? Israel is "mortified," and Nuttinyahoo is coming to present "fresh intelligence" -- which would account for the shit smell coming from the brief case. Yeah, he is going to "tell the truth" as the Israeli government is dismayed over this "nightmare.... (drum roll, please).... the capability to build a nuclear weapon without actually possessing one. That scenario is unacceptable to Israel."

Which HAS NUCLEAR WEAPONS that they stole from the United States and developed in a way they accuse Iran. That's something you need to realize about the Israelis: any charge they levy against an enemy is something of which they themselves are guilty.

So now the goal line has been moved from posessing an actual weapon to being able to build a weapon -- which Iran could do if they wanted (not without it being noticed by NSA spying programs, which have detected nothing of the sort in Iran, but don't let that get in the way of the Zionist war narrative for God's sakes) because they have nuclear power stations.

So is the FALSE FLAG ATTACK already in the works, Bibi?? Or are you just going to take action in the region and force Obama's hand to stand with and defend Israel?


I don't know what to make of this guy or what is going on behind the scenes. It was the same with JFK back in the day. As for the current occupant, there are so many of his policies I oppose, so much of his rhetoric I don't care for, and the dictatorship through executive order is discouraging.

Then there are things like this that come from my Zionist prism I call a newspaper:

"For Israel and Persian Gulf states like Saudi Arabia, Obama’s historic telephone call was the geopolitical equivalent of discovering your best friend flirting with your main rival.... Obama’s overtures to Rouhani were greeted with alarm in Israel and in other Middle East capitals allied with the United States.... a dire threat that could upend the dynamics in this volatile region."

Given that and the backdown on Syria for whatever reasons, thankfully, I'm like what is this guy doing?

Has he finally seen the light and is no longer fearful of the Zionist Media Machine that can destroy presidencies? Does he no longer care knowing that we will see an attack on him as a validation of our analysis? If the long buried alphabet scandals are dredged up again that will surely expose them, and any attempt at assassination will be blatantly obvious. Love you or hate you, we have your back on that one, sir.

Has the Globalist faction outmaneuvered the Israeli Zionists on this one? Knowing Israel is a complete pariah and its government psychopathic, has the international banking system decided to cut them loose in favor of the larger global project? Is it possible the U.S. has cut a deal with Russia to outflank Israel? Such things come when there is a loosening of the Zionist grip on a government (the U.S. Congress voting down war on Syria), and with such a loosening often come false flag attacks. Any big bang anywhere in the U.S. will instantly be answered with a question -- who benefits?

Is it possible some of Obama's massive NSA spying (a key piece which has been ignored by the Amerikan jewsmedia) was also working on identifying dual-national Israeli traitors to America and possible Mossad spying operations inside America? That certainly isn't going to be something on which the mouthpiece media is going to blow the whistle, either.

Or maybe the new peace president and War Party are creating a ruse as they contemplate further action abroad. It's not like Obama has called off the Syrian mercenaries or other covert projects around the world. Sudan smells suspicious this morning. Looks like the secession and split of oil supplier South Sudan was not good enough because the pipeline runs through the north. Thus we get another "Arab Spring," and calls for change after the racist U.N. war criminal charges didn't work. The Project for the New American Century remains a go, but are they excising the Israeli component? Has Israel finally been outed?


[Barack Obama stands on the verge of pulling-off one of the greatest reversal of fortunes ever witnessed by a democratic politician---if the Obama/Putin gambit is successful, then Obama may turn his diplomatic/military defeat in Syria into a Comprehensive Middle East Peace Treaty.  This magnificent feat of "jujitsu" politics, if successful, will undercut every antagonist involved in this great international soap opera known as the Middle East, including the Zionist state of Israel.  The broad elements of a Middle East breakthrough of unbelievable proportions can be seen developing in the following report from Lebanon's Daily Star....