Thursday, April 18, 2013

What If They Never Solve the Boston Marathon Bombing?

UPDATE:  I just watched the FBI press conference, and what a disgraceful laugher. They have two guys one in a dark hat with a symbol looking like the contractor or Seal symbol that has already been mentioned by bloggers. The other guy is in a BACKWARDS white hat (like that falsely accused guy from earlier) coming around a corner wearing backpacks. Are you telling me they DIDN'T TRY to COVER THEIR FACES? The alleged pressure cookers don't even look like they would fit in the backpacks, and people around them had bugger bulges. The guys don't look like they are struggling with any kind of weighty packages. They look like a couple of college kids, that's all. I hate to say it, but honestly, they look Jewish to me. In a Freudian slip of the tongue, the FBI briefer the victims and public deserve nothing MORE. He doesn't know the exact time the bombs were dropped, and claims they did it within minutes, seconds even according to the local news? That's cutting a timed bomb pretty close, no?


"Is it just me or are none of these photos from anywhere near where the bombs went off? You can go here to watch the video of these guys walking down the street. Here’s a thing though…. the FBI says they saw one of these guys drop his backpack at the scene of the second explosion… how come that is not pictured?"

Now an analyst on MSNBC is some sort of expert saying all the video and photos of these guys are evidence of a clever, coordinated, sophisticated plot. The MSM blowhards are doing all they can to see what isn't there. Now the "expert" says IF!! Un-frikkin-believable! Now Cliff Van Zandt is on Al Sharpton saying something about a phone call made, he's already convicted them, and saying this was all easy for a lone wolf, easier for two, and the net of law enforcement is closing faster than a fishing net on a school of Atlantic tuna or something. What a gas bag. A picture is worth a million words, he says. Now Al has a guy on from a facial recognition company (cha-ching) saying they will do deeper analysis, blah, blah, blah. (Click)

CNN says FBI is still sitting on bunches of photos, blah, blah, blah, and the reporter at the press conference is implicating terrorists because these guys were were together, had an escape plan, ingeniously planned, blah, blah, blah. Joe Johns says it's all up to the public now? Now Fran Townsend, the former Bush flak, is now reading body language saying these guys had scouted the place, they didn't wonder where they were going (which would make sense if they were just college kids), and they were acting cool and collected -- a sure sign of guilt. Now the reporter at the FBI press conference is suggesting this was meticulous and part of a sophisticated and complicated plot, and Wolf is suggesting they may have escaped on an airplane.

The locals are no better. Channel 5 out of Boston is speculating that these guys were together because they were walking one in fron t of the other. Yeah, imagine that on a busy city street like Boston, someone walking behind someone else. Yup, smoking gun.  Now Ch. 7 is saying these guys are considered armed and dangerous. I can already see the script. When they get these guys they will have guns, etc. The "expert" is now saying a day after Whitey's girlfriends pictures went out he was busted. Translation: the government has these actors/agents on ice, and is simply waiting for the right time to unveil them. It really is a staged and scripted event. Back on Ch. 5 and propaganda flak Brian Ross is saying ignore all the other photos and people, these are the guys.

This is PATHETIC, folks. This is all garbage, folks, people --like the Pentagon war experts hired by the ma$$ media -- that benefit from this staged and scripted bulls***. Folks, they PICKED OUT a COUPLE of PATSIES that they saw on SURVEILLANCE VIDEO!


It's 6:30 now. I'm done watching television, and need to go take my one meal of the day.

Btw, do you think think the arrival of the Israeli helpers (they had already planned the trip? What a coincidence!) has anything to do with the break in the case?


My first reaction to the question I posed is so what? It's not like anyone is going to believe the ma$$ media of AmeriKa anymore.

As for the rest, there are those out there who say despite writing and reporting about the incident, "conspiracy theorists" never offer any evidence or proof.

First of all, the charge is false, but beyond that the ONUS is NOT ON US! The onus is on the lying, deceiving, obfuscating, omitting, agenda-pushing, ma$$ media AmeriKan mouthpieces. The farcical coverage the last few days is proof of their ultimate failure. They have had their chances, years of them. And what are they doing now? Ramping up the war agenda against Iran!

UPDATE: High school track runner forced to deny involvement in Boston Marathon bombings after a picture of him and his coach is widely circulated

A 24-year-old track coach and a teenage high school runner who works at Subway are the "terrorists?"

One begins to suspect that the story of arrests and then denials was a clever ruse to spirit arrested Mossad agents out of the country, or to cover up what looks like government involvement judging by all the black-jacketed security men that were in the crowd and on the scene.